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Part 6: General Consulate

Part 6: General Consulate
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To enlist Kerim's services, you'll have to help him get out of Algeria first -- as he seemed to find himself having troubles with his visa. Initially, he told you that he might need 3 months to patch things up before he can even get home. So, given your special set of skills, you'll end up having to help this man speed things up for him and earn his ticket way home as soon as possible.

With that, comes the need to breach the General Consulate's network, and find the file containing the consulate ticket system data. As with the previous chapters of the game, only the first two level are unlocked in this chapter. To unlock the concluding levels, you must first have to beat the levels before them. The concluding levels in the game are becoming really a pain to deal with from this point onwards. The problem lies in the fact that there are already a lot of variables involved in playing the game.

For a supposed simple goal of earning a number of a specific color of bricks, it'll toss in several different colors which you do not need at all. This simply leads you to fail most of the challenges over and over again. So the "unlimited life" purchase can really save you from overspending on coins if you wish to beat the puzzles first prior to progressing in the accompanying lore (as you also have the option to pay coins in order to progress in the story itself).

To run into the next piece of the story, you'll have to reach 25% completion rate in chapter. When you do, Stella (Ex) will be the first person to holler at you. It turns out, she had too much fun out in another city and ran out of cash. You'll have the option of sending her money for her to get home.

Stella (Ex)
-How are things going, Mr. Proud and Lonely? You won't even believe why I'm here!
(deteriorate): You think it's okay to just disappear like that? You need to write Carl right away!
(improve): Stella! Where have you been? Carl and I we so worried.

-Did get his new dress. Check it out!
(neutral): Another City? How much is the bus?

-10 coins will be enough, I'd be very grateful.
(improve): OK, here you go.
(deteriorate): Actually, I can't help out right now, sorry.

After this, Ghost will also give you a heads up. This message is more of a warning to you, that somebody else is watching over your phone conversations. Of course, given his nature as a hacker, you'd have this option of somewhat accusing him of doing the same thing to you -- which will end up deteriorating your relationship with him.

-One of your contacts has hacked your account. He's been reading all of your correspondence.
(deteriorate): So you've hacked my account too? Well, who did this?
(improve): Thanks for looking out for me. Can you be more specific?

To follow up on the story, you'll have to collect four stars again.

When you complete the required number of stars, that'll pretty much put you on 50% completion rate of the given chapter. This time, the kidnapper (ID 20460) will give you a message. He'll drop the name Frieda Fish, send you her picture, and when you ask him "is this one of his victims?" he'd leave you with a: "Yes, She was only 16."

Other than that, Carl will also message you this point.

-I'm so glad Stella's been found! All that drinking, though...
(improve): Yeah, I agree
(neutral): She needs to be more careful.

After Carl, Tiana (Erwin Finch's daughter) will message you that she gave things a thought, and that she'll be willing to talk but a bit later. You'll get the chance to log things out in the Diary Bot too. After which, upon finishing up on your diary inputs, Erwin Finch will message you.

Erwin would generally talk about his family. How he parted ways with his wife, and talk more about his doctor. You'll end up putting a bit more focus on the doctor (Dr. Harlowe) he's talking about. But as soon as you ask for details about the doctor, he'll be offline. And off you go to fetch more stars again! Whew!

Once you meet the required number of stars, Carl will once again give you a heads up. Apparently, while you're busy trying to breach the consulate's computer network, he's been onto Finch's case files. What he finds out, is basically a common ground among all the serial killer's victims.

-Listen, All of these victims have something in common. They're all young teenage girls and they all have visited the same place. Know which place?
(neutral): Which?
(deteriorate): I have no idea. Let's get to the point, come on.

Apparently, the commonality was not publicized by the police in an attempt to avoid inciting panic. It was St. Francis Sunday School that they all went to visit -- the same school that your father used to make Cecile go to. However, before making any links, Carl would remind you that whatever happened to Cecile, was way back 7 years ago. The serial killings however took place just 3 years ago.

After this conversation, you'll now be able to approach Tiana about this subject matter - if she knew your sister. She initially gets the wrong impression that you are pinning your sister's disappearance to his father, but will ultimately give you a chance to turn things around with your choice of reply.

(Your Message to Tiana)
When you were 12, you had a friend named Cecile, right?
Do you remember her?

-Sorry but no, I don't. Who is she?
(neutral): My sister. She went missing when she was 10 years old.

-Are you saying he might have killed her?? My father is innocent, dammit! I know him. He could never do something like this.
(improve): I just wanted to find out what happened to my sister.
(deteriorate): And it doesn't it seem odd to you that your father is so close to so many deaths?

- I don't know any of the details of the investigation, but the court decided there was insufficient evidence against my father. The case is closed, either way.
(improve): I think he's innocent. But I have to find out who killed my sister.
(deteriorate): I think somehow he is connected to my sister's disappearance.

After the conversation, your father will be the next one you have to send a message to. The context of the message was basically - you, asking him why he decided that she must have been murdered when they never found her body. And while you're in the middle of the conversation, an Unknown ID will be calling you. This an automated voice message, from the Consulate Office, basically telling you that they have started to process your documents (or Kerim's to be more specific). Then, your dad will simply give you the answer: Officially, she is a missing person, but he can sense that she's already dead. That she simply is not there any more.

After this, you'll be given the option to log your progress to the Diary Bot, and immediately after,
Kerim will also give you a heads up that he himself also received the voice mail regarding his appointment in the consulate the next day, although he also needs to confirm the date -- which prompts the need to finish up on the hacking part (General Consulate Puzzles) to give it to him.

When you reach 100% completion on the sixth chapter, you'll have to go to Kerim, and give him the file. It'll be sent as "archive.zip" -- which you may check by clicking on it. He'll the thank you for the help and will tell you that he'll start working on the case as soon as he gets back.

You'll also get a message from the kidnapper -- basically trying to validate his actions, to whether they really do serve justice, or just some blind vigilantism. He tells you that he someone to come up with the same conclusions as he have in order to verify that it isn't just his bias that drives him. And then he'll follow up with another message, asking you to study the case carefully and you'll prove that his guilt (Finch) is beyond doubt.

Another message will be coming from Tiana, in her message, she'll basically relay you to one of the police officers (named Kracher - number 2642) working in his father's case and give his number. This way, she said, you might just be able to get the details as to why they dropped the case against his father.

Kracher on the other hand, will tell you that he actually isn't the lead investigator of the case, and that the one that who actually run the case was fired (which strengthens our theory that the kidnapper and the officer who initially filed the police report might be the same person). He'll also tell you stuff he recollects from the case and that any information from it is valuable to journalists as the access is limited.

-and valuable for journalists, access to it is limited. You'll need to ask around.
(deteriorate): Are you talking about money? And what if your supervisor learns of our conversation?
(neutral): you mean money right?

Regardless of your choice, I think you'll end up offending him. So, here is what he'll reply to you:

-Since you're the one who found me, I'd say it's you who needs information, not me. So let's skip the stupid threats. Here's the deal. I need a favor. you're pretty you, so you must know a thing or two about computer. I'm afraid for my daughter. She's only 16, and I think she's mixed up with a bad crowd. I need her Facebook password.

Which of course you'll agree to, and bring you to the concluding chapter of the game.

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