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Premise (Tutorial Section)

Premise (Tutorial Section)
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As soon as you start the game, the screen will be occupied by an artificial smartphone user interface from which you’ll access messages, calls, and all the different sections of the game itself. Immediately, you’ll receive a message from a character/contact named “Stella (Ex)”.

(Notes: You may want to check the details of each of the characters that will show up in your chat list, in order to familiarize yourself with each and every one of them, as well as figure out how they can help you in your mission.

The game also blends realism to the flow of the story as you get to pick options for most of your replies (to the different characters that you get to speak with). Some of which will negate or degrade your outstanding relationship with a person, or otherwise improve it.)

Stella (Ex) is an ex-girlfriend of yours - which you have broke up with 5 years ago. It says in her "contact details" that you are still close with her, and that somehow she regrets how everything turned out between you two. Her message will detail a recent nightmare she had - involving you in the dream itself as it was a memory from when you were still together. In her dream though, it was like she felt something was choking her and apprehending her to scream and breathe.

In the concluding phase of the conversation, your answers will either improve or degrade your relationship with her. For instance, after she tells you the dream, you can either reply: “Hey, calm down, it was just a dream.”, which sounds like a normal reply - but will put you in a position where you may seem not interested to the dream at all, or reply “How did it end?”, which on the other hand will express a bit more of concern from you.

After the conversation ends, the contact will be rendered offline, so you may have to go back to previous screen by clicking on the back button on the upper left corner of the UI. During the times that the game immerses you to the lore though, consequent notifications from the messenger can easily be accessed by clicking the top when it pops-up. When instructions are given to call a certain number though, you’ll have to go back to the main screen and access the phone dialer at the bottom of the screen. For more details on how to access the game’s UI, check the next page of the guide “Interface”.

After your conversation with Stella, another friend named “Carl” will message you. Carl is an old friend who seems to have a problem with his ex-wife, and is troubled mainly with the situation of custody of their daughter “Emma”. In his initial message, he’ll mostly rant about how her ex-wife won’t let him see their daughter. Apart from this, he is basically troubled with his personal income so in return, he devises a way to put up an investment scheme which he’ll ask you invest in. You may send either 5 or 10 coins -- which will double up in due time.

Another message will pop-up after your conversation with Carl. This time, it’ll be a secure chat message from a person simply identified ID 20460. When a message is a “secure chat”, what it basically means is that you can’t view the message any longer after reading it. With regards to the actual message, it will be a weird one saying that “God has chosen you”, and that “your hands will execute justice”. No details will be revealed from this sender until later on in the game though, but as soon as he goes offline, another unregistered number will send you a message.

This next person is identified as ID 15090 - which is a recently kidnapped person that seems to only have access to you via a messenger, basically asking for your help. He’ll later on tell you that he is Erwin Finch and begging you not to ignore him as his fate lies in your hands. As soon as you suggest to call the police for his situation though, the previous unidentified person will send a message warning you not to do that as it would result in consequences that you’d be responsible of (like killing the kidnapped guy and that it will be on your conscience not helping him). He’ll also send an image of the kidnapped guy which is kind of messed up but at least immerses you in an appropriate atmosphere.

After all that conversation, another old acquaintance will send you a message. This friend of yours named “Ghost” in your contacts list is basically a hacker that can break into anything for the right price. Game-wise, you confide to him if whenever you feel stuck up in the game, and he’ll unlock stuff for you for the right price. Although in this introduction level of the game, he’ll send you instructions from which you simply follow in order to earn free 10 coins (note that you can only do this once or at least until he tells you again to do so later on).

The first time though, when you ask him to locate the two unknown numbers that recently messaged you, he’ll refuse and tell you that he is currently busy. He does this mainly to introduce you to the “Hacking” part of the game, where in reality, you perform puzzles in order to advance in the game. This “Hacking” activity requires you to basically clear up some stages and earn a certain number of stars (stars are awarded whenever you clear a stage), in order to access the concluding lore in the game. To access the puzzle section of the game, go to the main UI, and at the bottom of the screen, click on the middle icon that is labeled “Internet”.

The first network that you’ll be able to unlock will be the “Messenger Database”, which is somewhat a mock-up of the network of computers handling information about the users (which you are trying to hack in order to earn the location of the two unregistered numbers in the story). When a new network or archive of data becomes available in the game (usually every 6 stages cleared), you’ll be able to access the concluding stages with an automatically generated password (which would kind of show or represent that you were able to hack that pertaining system).

That sums up the premise, how you get briefed with the mechanics, as well as how you get entangled in the series of events to come your way in the game!

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