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Puzzle Goals and Difficulties

Puzzle Goals and Difficulties
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Every stage of the game, you’ll be introduced to new types of hindrances or additional goals to achieve in order to clear the levels. This is of course on top of the usual fetching of specific bricks as well as the difficulty of trying to meet all the objectives with the turn limit given to you. To be fair though, there would always be easy levels in each of the stages. Most of which would require a very simple goal like fetching one color of brick, or the ones that have a very forgiving turn limit. Below are the puzzle difficulties that will be given to you by the game in order (as you progress).

1. Brick Color Introduction - introduces more colors of bricks as you progress through the levels. This might not sound much of a difficulty, but it becomes really stressful during the times you'll end up needing a specific color (to complete the goal), and the game just wouldn't give it.

Puzzle Goals and Difficulties
2. Absurd and separate layout boards - later on, you'd be introduced with layouts similar to the picture below. Separate boards equates to limited chances to fulfill anything to do on the smaller boards as the choice of bricks that becomes available are far beyond your control. Moreover, they usually combine additional tasks like fetching special bricks like the one in the example below.

Puzzle Goals and Difficulties

3. Numbered bricks and their special features - numbered bricks stay in the board unless the number indicated in the is reduced to zero. They occupy the space and are considered as actual bricks there. The complication lies in the fact that your allotment of space becomes limited, and during the times that the numbered bricks themselves are required as one of the goals in that particular level. To reduce the number inside the numbered brick, you should perform a brick bust adjacent to the numbered brick, or using it.

Puzzle Goals and Difficulties

4. Multiple layers and compounded requirements - not limited to the example below, some of the levels in the latter chapters of the game might require you to fetch goals that can be achieve by having to fetch other requirements first. In the picture below, you'll have to earn a number of numbered bricks. But doing so, you'd have to earn them starting from the ones on the bottom part. It becomes difficult especially when the given turns are limited.

Puzzle Goals and Difficulties

5. Tall tasks with short number of turns - although some levels might look like it is requesting simple enough goals, it becomes all too hard to actually defeat it as the given number of turns usually falls short. Such encounter can be seen on the example below. (For the number of requested bricks, you're given just 28 turns. This is topped of by the adding lots of numbered bricks scattered in the layout).

Puzzle Goals and Difficulties

6. Lock, Keys, and Level-specific Hacks - later on in the game, additional hindrances like these lock, keys and level-specific hacks will be introduced to you to heighten the difficulty of defeating the levels. Locks are often times required as goals, but during the time that they are in the layout, it renders that particular square as a void space. To unlock them, you should earn the keys -- which themselves requires a number of bricks before you can actually obtain them. On the other hand, specific level hacks give you the additional option of busting random bricks in your current game (useful at times nonetheless).

Puzzle Goals and Difficulties

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