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What is the Character Inherit Function?

What is the Character Inherit Function?
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This helpful feature allows you to transfer the stars, skill levels, character level, curios, and stats of a character if you’re lucky enough to get a better version of that character. You can inherit the same character multiple times so even if you start with a C-rank character and you got a B or A version of him/her, you can use this function to improve their ranks. In this article, we will tackle how the game’s Inherit function works and how to do it.

For this example, I have a 3-star A-rank Asuna. I was lucky enough to get an S-rank Asuna from the gacha kick, as shown below.

What is the Character Inherit Function?

Since the S-rank Asuna just has the default stats and will start at 1 star, we will use the Inherit function to get the A-rank Asuna’s stats transferred to her. First, you have to make sure that both versions of Asuna isn’t locked. You can check the lock icon under the character portrait if it’s locked or not.

What is the Character Inherit Function?

Remember: The character you’ll use to inherit will disappear. You can’t also inherit if that character is used as a member of the Defense team in the Land of Illusion mode.

What is the Character Inherit Function?

Next, view the profile of your S-rank character then tap Inherit. Select the character you want to inherit to the new version. Review the changes and you’ll also get surplus character fragments. Press Inherit to complete the process. Once done, the higher version of the character will now have the previous version’s stats without anything lost.

What is the Character Inherit Function?

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