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How to Increase Character Affinity

How to Increase Character Affinity
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Affinity is the character’s closeness to you, the Crosser (as the players are referred to in-game). This is gained steadily by using characters in Story Mode battles. (Challenges and other modes doesn’t apply. Raising a character’s affinity will help you unlock various features such as:

1. New voice lines, quotes, and entries in their journals.
2. New portraits that you can also set in your home screen.
3. Unlock the character’s portrait that you can set in your profile.
4. Use the character’s designated sticker in chat.

How to Increase Character Affinity

You can see the characters’ current affinity level by accessing their respective Character Profile screens then tapping the Journal icon in the bottom.

How to Increase Character Affinity

In the Journal screen, the character’s affinity level is located on the lower-left corner. As the affinity level increases, the amount of exp needed to level it up increases as well.

How to Increase Character Affinity

While in the Journal screen, you can feed a character specific food as Gifts to increase their affinity. To do this, tap the Gift icon on the left side of the screen. Select the available food and feed them to increase the affinity by a certain amount.

How to Increase Character Affinity

These food items can be acquired as rewards by completing various time-based missions from the Void Agency, like the ones shown below. Longer missions will give better food items.

How to Increase Character Affinity

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