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Curio Hunt

Curio Hunt
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This challenge is the best source of Curios. EN will be consumed per attempt. You can multiply your reward up to 3x depending on the star rating of the Stage. This will require you to you to finish the stage while meeting the listed conditions to earn their respective stars.
Curio Hunt

There are three stages, each with 10 difficulty levels. You’ll get better rewards for clearing high difficulties (see below). The stages’ availability rotates on specific days of the week. However, on Sundays, all stages become available. You can unlock additional difficulties as your Crosser Level increases.
Curio Hunt

Difficulty I
Green Curio
Difficulty II
Blue Curio
Difficulty III-V
Purple Curio, Purple Curio Note
Difficulty VI-X
Orange Curio, Orange Curio Note

At Crosser LV25, you’ll be able to unlock the Curio Shop, where you can exchange the Purple and Orange Curio Notes to get the same-colored curio of your choice.
Curio Hunt

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