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Best Characters Tier Lists

Best Characters Tier Lists
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The game has a large variety of characters, each with their own playstyle and skills that can affect your party composition. Early in the game, you can get away with clearing content with your favorite characters but later on, you’ll hit roadblocks or enemy teams that will be hard to deal with without the right characters filling the necessary roles in dealing with them. In this section, we will be presenting tier lists of characters based on their roles and effectiveness.

The the tier lists featured in this guide are made in the combination of available resources online and personal experience as well so this may be subjective or outdated, depending on the changes and updates the game will get in the future. Tier lists like this are not meant to dictate your team building but only to steer you in the right direction. Any character is viable in the game but you’ll need to provide them with good supports, curio, talents, etc so if you have a favorite or preferred character to use, don't hesitate to train him/her and just add other characters to fill in the respective roles as necessary.

Here are our tier lists, divided by category and role. Aside from the top characters, we also included the best supports to go along with them.

1. Best DPS Characters

2. Best Support Characters

3. Best Sub Characters

Before checking the lists, here are some reminders or things to note as well:

1. Characters have grades or rarities.

The game has a grading system that represents the character’s overall strength and growth. A character may come in grade C (green), grade B (blue), grade A (purple), and grade S (orange), with grade S being the best version of the character.

However, don’t hesitate to use and improve a low-grade character since you can use the Inherit feature of the game to carry over the level, stars, stats, skill levels, talents, etc of that character and transfer it a better version of that character if you manage to get one.

Best Characters Tier Lists

2. Getting better character grades

There are several methods of having a chance to get better versions of the characters you have or even new characters. Here’s the list:

1. Using Gacha

2. Using character fragments via the Gacha > Factor option

3. Chance of getting a grade promotion through Talent Alteration (promoting a C-grade character to a B-grade)

Best Characters Tier Lists

3. Characters may have a main or sub version

Some characters have a main or sub version. You can’t use the main and sub version of the same character in the same party. The main version is who you’ll see during actual combat while the sub can use sub skills or cross skills. Since either version is considered as the same character, their respective cross skills will still work. For example, both Asuna (Main) x Yuuki (Suv) and Yuuki (Main) x Asuna (Sub) will still allow the pair to use their cross skill 11-Combo Fencing Technique.

Best Characters Tier Lists

4. Team Composition Matters

While you can have a reference of the best characters to include in your team from this guide or other existing guides for the game, it's still important to identify their roles. For example, a full DPS team can be useful in some modes or challenges in the game but they might encounter issues when facing enemy teams that can tank their damage or outheal them. A good team should have characters with a variety of roles like dedicated damage dealers, tanking, cleansing/healing, debuffing, etc.

Best Characters Tier Lists

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