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How to Promote a Character

How to Promote a Character
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Characters will have various grades (C, B, A, S) which can affect the number of talents they can have. For example, grade C characters only have 1 talent while grade S characters can have 4. This is one of the reasons why S characters are really powerful assets but equally hard to acquire. Fortunately, the game has a method of promoting a character to a better grade. In this page, we will discuss how to promote a character.

In this method, you can promote a C-grade character to a B-grade, a B-grade to A, and even A-grade to S. Character promotion follows the same steps as Talent Alteration. However, this is purely RNG and luck-based. The method involves altering the character’s talents as many times as needed to improve his/her talent and hope to trigger the Promotion, as shown below.

How to Promote a Character

During the alteration process, a Char Frag will be consumed. If there are no more fragments for that character, you can use OG Fragments if you have them in stock. OG Fragments are universal fragments that can be used on any characters. For every alteration attempt, a new random talent will be displayed. From that screen, you can choose whether you’ll want to take the new talent or keep the old one. You can reset this once or up to 10 times per session.

How to Promote a Character
How to Promote a Character

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