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Void Agency

Void Agency
Crossing Void - Global Guide

This is not really a combat challenge but a feature that allows you to send characters you obtained into passive missions that will require real-time hours to complete. This feature will also become unlocked once you have reached the required Crosser LV.
Void Agency

The number of missions you can accept will depend on your Crosser LV. You can only complete up to 40 missions a day. All missions are automatically refreshed daily during the Daily Reset. You can also spend Maigo to reset the missions up to 10 attempts per day.
Void Agency

Crosser LV
No. of Acceptable Missions
LV25 below
2 missions
3 missions
LV40 above
4 missions

Other reminders:
* A character can only be assigned to one mission at a time.
* Deployed characters can still be used normally for other events.
* You can Speed Up the mission by using Hourglass items.
* There are certain missions that require EN, and those that give EN upon completion.
* New missions appear after completing the listed ones.
* Aborting the mission doesn’t have negative effects aside from not receiving any rewards.
* If you joined a guild, you’ll have access to exclusive missions. You can only accept up to 2 guild missions daily.

Certain missions require specific characters.
Certain missions require specific characters.

Use and Hourglass to complete a mission faster
Use and Hourglass to complete a mission faster

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