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How to Change your Avatar

How to Change your Avatar
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The game allows you to change your avatar for a more personalized profile. While the actual method of changing your avatar is quite straightforward, the availability of avatar portraits will have some sort of limitations. First, we will discuss how to go about changing your profile’s avatar.

1. First, tap the “Experience LV. XX” in the upper-left of your screen to launch your profile screen.

How to Change your Avatar

2. Tap the Avatar / profile icon to view the selection of available avatar portraits.

How to Change your Avatar

3. Select the available one and select Confirm. Additional portraits will become available by increasing the character’s affinity and awakening them. Learn more about affinity increase by checking our page.

How to Change your Avatar

In this same screen, you can also change your portrait frame if you’ve met the requirements.

How to Change your Avatar

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