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How to Earn Coins?

How to Earn Coins?
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This is the in-game currency used mainly in upgrading Curios, character skills, advancing character stars, purchasing level packs, and many more. In this page, we will be discussing the various methods of earning coins.

1. Complete daily quests

Completing these daily quests give a fair amount of gold on top of other useful materials and rewards.

How to Earn Coins?

2. Complete Void Agency quests

These are time-based quests that you can do several times a day until the game’s daily reset time. The coin rewards aren’t that high but it’s still better than nothing.

How to Earn Coins?

3. Do the Storm of Gold battles.

This instance will pit you against 3 high-HP enemies that don’t fight back and who you have to defeat within a set amount of turns. You’ll get a large amount of gold by default but you’ll get even more coins if you manage to defeat all enemies.

How to Earn Coins?

4. Complete Event tasks.

There are permanent and limited events where you can get gold for completing various tasks.

How to Earn Coins?

5. Exchange Maigo

You can spend Maigo to instantly get a lot of coins. However, sinc Maigo is premium currency and limited free resource, you may consider only doing this if you’re really desperate or impatient.

How to Earn Coins?

6. Incidents

This Challenge mode is available only at account LV32.

How to Earn Coins?

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