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Land of Illusion

Land of Illusion
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Land of Illusion

This is a PVP mode which will pit your selected attack team to other players’ teams. Your Team 1 (first, main team) is automatically set as your attack team while your Defense team needs to be set manually. Your attack team should include characters with heavy focus on DPS while your defense team should have characters with high survivability. When other players challenge you, your Defense team will be what they’ll encounter.
Land of Illusion

You can spend 1 Prism to select an opponent and challenge them. You can challenge up to 3 enemy teams per day. Their rank will be closely matched to you. A reward will be given for every win and you can win up to 5 rewards per week.

You’ll gain score for every victory. If you have a winning streak, the score of the previous battle will be added to the total winning score. This total will be reset after 5 wins. This total is tallied up to the leaderboards for the entire season and will be reset at the end of each season.

You’ll earn bonus score by defeating higher-ranked opponents and fighting using a team with high mastery. You’ll also earn bonus score points by using any of the recommended characters in the lower-left corner of the LOI screen. You don’t need to use all of them since the bonus will be counted only once; not per bonus character. The bonus characters are rotated every week.
Land of Illusion

You can also check out the previous attack and defense battles you participated or even playback a recording of the battle.
Land of Illusion

If you’re consistently getting winning streaks, you’ll become eligible to be counted towards the Division Rank. At the end of each season, your rank will be adjusted based on the rules listed below.
Land of Illusion
Land of Illusion

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