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Salvaging Excess Curios

Salvaging Excess Curios
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Salvaging is a very helpful feature allows you to convert unwanted curios to fairy potions, which in turn can be used to level up the curios you’re using. Salvaging doesn’t cost anything and you should always salvage outdated or low-rarity curios to avoid clutter and to keep your main curios leveled up.

To do this, start from the home screen then tap Bag.

Salvaging Excess Curios

While on the Curio tab, tap the Salvage button on the lower-left.

Salvaging Excess Curios

From here, you can select the curios you want to salvage manually or do the batch select, which allows the game to automatically pick curios that have not been leveled up or equipped based on their color.

Salvaging Excess Curios

Once done, the preview of the fairy potions you’ll get will appear on the lower-left as well. Tap the Salvage button on the lower-right corner to proceed with the operation.

Salvaging Excess Curios

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