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Dream Realm

Dream Realm
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Dream Realm

You’ll be fighting AI opponents with over a million HP. You’ll earn points based on the amount of damage within 7 turns. The enemies’ HP will also automatically replenish every turn so don’t even hope of defeating them. Also, take note that if your game crashed or you quit the battle, your ticket won’t be refunded and you won’t gain any points.
Dream Realm

Each season has 8 periods. By the end of the season, everyone’s progress will be reset and participants will earn seasonal rewards. You’ll also obtain rewards for each period. You can see the current period’s remaining time in the main Dream Realm screen.
Dream Realm

There are 4 rankings: Novice, Veteran, Expert, and Legend. The first three rankings have 3 sub-rankings. Having a good ranking alone during the period will also allow you to earn win points. To increase your rank, you have to reach the specified amount of win points. You can also get Maigo as reward for reaching certain ranks.
Dream Realm

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