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How to Upgrade Skills

How to Upgrade Skills
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Each character has their own set of skills that help determine their role and utility in battle. That’s why unlocking passive skills and upgrading existing skills is necessary to strengthen your characters. In this page we will

Main characters have two attack skills (Skill 1 and Skill 2) as well as an Ult (Ultimate attack) that serves as the special attack. On top of that, there are 4 passive skills that gets unlocked as the character Advances a Star.

How to Upgrade Skills

Sub characters in the other hand only has their support skill available and 4 passive skills as well. Same as main characters, these passive skills get unlocked as characters advance a star.

How to Upgrade Skills

Cross skills cannot be upgraded. However, they get more powerful if the partnered characters advances their stars.

Skills Levels are Capped

It’s important to note that all skills are capped by the character’s stars. All characters start off at 1-star. At that level, you can’t upgrade any of their skills. At 2-star, you can upgrade their skills up to LV5. Once they reach 3-stars, skills can be upgraded up to LV10 and their ATK Up passive skill is unlocked as well. At 4-stars, skills can be upgraded to LV15 and the DEF UP passive will be unlocked, and so on.

How to Upgrade Skills

What Skills to Upgrade First

The priority of what skills to upgrade depends on the character and the intended role for that character. For example, when upgrading the skills of a DPS character, you’ll want to prioritize the attack skills first such as their Skill 2 and Ult. You can also consider prioritizing offensive passives like ATK Up and Crit Rate up.

How to Upgrade Skills

For support characters, you’ll want to get their best support skills upgraded first followed by their defensive passives such as DEF Up and HP Up. Upgrading their ult will depend on their ult’s effect. For a support character like Ako, upgrading her Ult should be the utmost priority.

How to Upgrade Skills

Is It Worth Upgrading All Skills?

Of course! However, due to the grind and time involved, you’ll still need to take things slowly and prioritize the skills that further complement the characters’ utility and field presence. Once you capped their priority skills, then you can work on upgrading their other skills until you get fully capped. Once done, you can start working on advancing your character stars.

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