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Best Sub Characters

Best Sub Characters
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Sub characters are the ones you can partner with the main character, allowing the main character to use the sub character’s support skill. If the two characters have a Cross relation with each other, the main character will also be able to use their shared Cross skill or Cross Ult. Unlike main characters, sub characters only have one skill and they have no exclusive talents. However, you can still level them up, advance their stars, upgrade their skills and give them curios.

As a reminder, you’re not entirely required to pair up characters with Cross Skills. Sure you won’t be able to use a Cross Skill but if the sub character brings utility on the table or complements the main character’s skill set, by all means, pair them up as needed.

Best Sub Characters

In this page, we will list some of the best sub characters you can partner up with your main characters. This is not a countdown and the characters here are arranged in no particular order. We have taken into consideration the sub character’s reliability and consistency through their support skill and their potential cross skills with certain main characters.

Holo (AoE attack, SP Booster)

Holo is a really great sub to almost any character because she has two support skills available. The first one is the Rye Watcher is a unique skill that allows Holo to boost your party’s SP gauge (up to +6 SP upon this skill’s activation). There may be a downside but the benefits outweigh the costs. That high SP boost will allow your teammates to use high SP skills, at the same time converting them to Ult points, giving you a chance to use an ult faster. Holo’s other support skill is Rage of (the) Wolf Deity. This skill allows her to land a powerful, 1-hit AoE attack to all enemies.

Her other strength is that she has a really impressive speed stat, around 715 base. When paired with a fast character, Holo's group will be able to secure an earlier turn. Being able to use her Rye Watcher skill earlier than the rest of her team gives them a huge SP stock available for immediate use.

Best Sub Characters

Kouko (Indispelable Heal)

Kouko is another great sub for your healers or main support characters to give them a reliable healing skill during their turn. Kouko’s support skill is a 2SP heal called Passionate Kisses. This applies the healing buff “Lady’s Affections” to all allies good for 3 rounds and cannot be dispelled. If you use this skill again while Lady’s Affections buff is still active, it turns into the “Seasoning of Love” buff that removes up to 2 damaging debuffs and will further increase healing for all allies. Again, this effect cannot be dispelled as well. With a really low SP cost, you’ll be able to use this skill as often as needed.

Best Sub Characters

Wilhelmina (F.Seal)

While she only has a cross support with Shana, Wilhelmina can be pretty useful especially when paired with other DPS or fast units. She has a really great speed stat at 778 with relatively high attack and crit damage. Her front row Seal attack deals both p.damage and sp.damage as well, giving her almost consistent damage to any enemy.

Best Sub Characters

Zero (M.Seal)

Zero has great cross supports with Miyuki, Kuroyukihime, and Shana - all high tier characters and provides them with powerful AoE attack options. When paired with non-cross mains, Zero is still a great stat stick and also offers a mid-row seal attack, dealing sp damage and seals the target for 1 round.

Best Sub Characters

Kuroyukihime (Sub, M.Seal)

Kuroyukihime’s main version is already a high-tier character and her sub version is relatively reliable as well. First, she’s fast with 782 SPD stat. Second, she has a mid-row seal that deals physical damage and seals the target for 1 round. And lastly, her cross supports are all with high tier DPS characters such as Kirito, Miyuki, and Asuna. Even when paired with non-cross characters, Kuroyukihime’s mid-row seal and high speed can greatly help the main character she'll be paired with.

Best Sub Characters

Boogiepop (F.Seal)

Boogiepop provides a front row seal option to whoever you’ll pair her with and she’s also one of the considerable stat sticks (characters that you pair solely for the stat boost) of the game. She doesn’t have great speed so she’s basically an alternative to Wilhelmina if you don’t have her yet.

Best Sub Characters

Kuroko (Sub, B.Seal)

Kuroko is quite fast with 757 SPD. Her back row seal skill (Arrest, 5SP) is great for shutting down teams with rear support units or healers. Other than that, she also has a higher crit damage rating compared to a majority of sub characters.

Best Sub Characters

Kuroneko (A.Dispel)

Kuroneko has one of the highest speeds for sub characters, at 828. Her skill, Extermination Rush is an AoE attack and dispel in one, low SP package at 3SP. This allows her to effectively disrupt enemy buffs while also dealing damage on the side. When paired with non-cross characters, her speed and dispel skill will come in handy especially for support characters.

Best Sub Characters

Kazari (A.Expel)

Kazari’s “Intel Analysis” (2SP) skill can remove up to 2 debuffs from all your allies and restore a bit of their HP if at least 1 debuff has been removed, good for 2 rounds. With its relatively low SP cost, you should be able to take advantage of this all-expel skill even with her non-cross characters. Another thing to note is that her SPD stat sits at an impressive 745, which can give her the chance to reactively take her turn in response to enemy debuffs and damage.

Best Sub Characters

Ryuji (A.Expel)

Ryuji’s expel skill (Happy Box, 2SP) can remove up to 2 debuffs from your team. If at least one debuff has been expelled, your characters will get a damage-absorbing shield good for 1 round. However, his speed is quite underwhelming. He has a lot of cross supports but none of them are high tier. His best cross skill however is with Emi (Cash-Strapped Life, 5SP). An AoE attack that deals both p.damage and sp.damage to all enemies, dispels up to 2 buffs from enemies, and expels up to 2 debuffs from allies. Since he’s not really an exceptional stat stick character, you’ll most likely pair him up so you can have access to an Expel skill that also has a chance to give your units a shield.

Best Sub Characters

Kirito (A.Atk Down)

Kirito offers a relatively cheap AoE support skill (Sonic Impact) that also debuffs enemies and lowers the damage they can deal. He has great cross supports with some of the high tier characters in the game like Asuna, Kojyo, and Kuroyukihime. However, his utility can be a moot point when paired with certain main characters.

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