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What is (Curio) Infusion?

What is (Curio) Infusion?
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As mentioned in the previous page, curios have additional stat boosts that you can unlock every 4 levels. The bonus stats found in Purple curios have extra bars that you can further enhance, increasing the bonus stats they provide, as shown below. We don’t have an orange curio as of this article’s writing but since orange is higher rarity than purple curios, it’s safe to assume that orange curios follow the same mechanic. In this page, we will discuss how Curio infusion works and how to undergo this process.

What is (Curio) Infusion?

What is needed for Curio Infusion?

Special consumables called Spars are needed to infuse curios of the same color. In the example below, to infuse a purple curio, you’ll need a Purple Spar. You can get this consumable by salvaging purple curios or by getting them as rewards from other means (such as reaching certain floors in the Apex Challenge). Aside for this consumable, you also need coin to pay for the infusion cost of course.

What is (Curio) Infusion?

How to Infuse a Curio’s Random Stat?

We will follow the same steps for Enhancing or upgrading a curio. Access the character’s Curio tab, tap one of the equipped curios then select Research.

What is (Curio) Infusion?

In the following screen, select the Curio then tap the Infuse tab. Select the random stat that you want to improve, review the changes, then press infuse. As of this writing, we can confirm that you can infuse a random stat up to 2 times.

What is (Curio) Infusion?

The infused stat will have a significant boost so it’s really worth doing this process as soon as you can. However, since the consumable is hard to come by, consider doing this on curios that you have a full set with since they’ll last you a while.

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