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How to Enhance Curios

How to Enhance Curios
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All Curios start at LV1 but they can be further enhanced by upgrading them. In this page, we will discuss why you should upgrade your curios and how you can do it. We listed down the pointers that you have to remember when upgrading Curios.

Curios have Level Caps

A curio’s level cap will depend on its rarity, as listed below:

* Green Curio - Up to LV.4

* Blue Curio - Up to LV.8

* Purple Curio - Up to LV.16

* Orange Curio - Up to LV20

That’s why as you become stronger, try to beat higher level Curio Hunt stages and Expeditions to have a chance to get better curios and replace the green or blue ones you have in your teams.

How to Enhance Curios

Curios have random stat bonuses

When upgrading curios, you’ll be able to unlock additional random stat boosts for every 4 levels. This is another reason why you should eventually get purple or orange curios sets for your core team because they can give 5 and 6 bonus random stats respectively, on top of the Curio Set bonuses they might give. Otherwise, you can at least settle with blue curios while working your way up since they’re easier to farm and max out.

How to Enhance Curios

Fairy Potions are required for Upgrading Curios

To upgrade a curio, you’ll need Fairy Potions. These are consumables that provide Curio EXP. Similar to other items in the game, their color represents their rarity and the amount of EXP they give. Green fairy potions are common and easiest to collect, blue give a lot more exp than green fairy potions, and so on. You can obtain these potions primarily from Curio Hunt challenges, Land of Illusion, certain missions, and salvaging excess or unneeded curios.

How to Enhance Curios

How to Enhance Curios

Upgrading your Curios

To upgrade a curio, access the character’s Curio tab, tap one of the equipped curios then select Research.

How to Enhance Curios

In the following screen, select the Curio you want to level up. From there, you can manually select the available Fairy Potions or conveniently press the Auto-Select button to automatically fill the necessary amount of fairy potions to level up the selected curio. Review the changes and when you’re satisfied, tap the Enhance button to apply the changes. This will consume the indicated fairy potions and the coin cost as well.

How to Enhance Curios

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