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Void Trials

Void Trials
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Void Trials

In this mode, you can clear the various missions using pre-selected characters to test your strategy and combat prowess. There are 8 Void Trial levels, each with 3-4 individual missions or trials.
Void Trials

Each trial has a set of conditions; fulfilling the condition gives you a star. You can earn 3 stars per mission. You can collect rewards based on the number of stars you’ve collected. Rewards include Gacha Vouchers and various chests.
Void Trials

You can also unlock higher difficulty trials by obtaining the necessary Licenses, as listed below. The licenses you obtain will also provide buffs that apply to all characters.
Void Trial
Stars Needed
Void License II
Trials CH4
Void License III
Trials CH6
Void License IV
Trials CH8

Void Trials

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