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Why do you give roses to other players and are they on your team?

Why do you give roses to other players and are they on your team?

GuestMar 21st 2019

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Panzerzs Answered:

This is a Valentine's competition that's within the Battlefield (so the competition is between people only in your battlefield). You give roses to other people because:

1) The most popular person (the one who receives the most roses) will receive a nice prize at the end of the event (You can see this prize by clicking the cupid statue on the bottom-left of your base).

2) By sending roses to anyone, you receive chocolates at a 1:1 ratio. Check the other posts who have asked similar questions. If I send 10 roses to someone, I'll get 10 chocolates in return. I can then exchange these chocolates at the valentine's store (again through the cupid statue) for nice loot. I typically recommend getting anything that's permanent (valentine's chat boxes, cupid's supercar, valentine's frames etc.). After you get those aesthetics, go for the officer fragments~

3) You can send roses to ANYONE so long as they're in your server/Battlefield. But typically, we normally send roses to the people in our corps (typically the general/leader). Ultimately it's your choice 😃

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