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How to reduce your troops

How to reduce your troops
Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire Guide

This might seem like an odd question, but it does get asked a lot. Its very easy and tempting to train troops as much as you can to build up your power level, get stronger. And also to win those reward crates from the daily and clash of province events.

But in many cases you can quickly find yourself with more troops than you can feed. Your food levels and lumber stocks are constantly declining and unless you are constantly raiding or fighting zombies you will have a surplus of troops that are not being used.

Keeping the troops is a good plan to remain strong and be a formidable opponent. And certainly is beneficial if you are a dedicated raider. However if you know you are just going to be training more troops regularly and don't need to have a huge army then you may be wondering how you can clear some out from time to time.

Attacking players or being attacked by them or going up against strong monsters will injure your troop units and if you continue until your hospitals are full then the subsequent attacks will result in your troops being killed and lost permanently. But if you have plenty of hospital space this can be a long and costly process.

A short cut to this is to fight as above but when troops are injured and in the hospitals you can tap on the icon of the troop type to the left and choose the option to 'Dismiss'. You can select how many of the troops to dismiss and confirm.

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