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Clash of Province Event

Clash of Province Event
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Clash of Province, or province vs province (state vs. state), is an event that will run each week in your state after the first month of your states development. On each of the main weeks the state that you are in is matched against another one in a league system in a variety of challenges.

Each day is a different event such as training troops or upgrading buildings. You earn points from doing the challenge of the day and as well as being able to earn rewards as an individual and as an alliance, at the end of the day the state with the most overall points gets a victory reward. It is a very good way to get additional rewards for yourself especially if enough people in your state are keen to work on it.


Clash of Province (CoP) seasons run for 4 weeks at a time and at the end of each states may be promoted up or relegated down in a division structure. Each event has 3 active weeks and a 1 week warm up, during this week there are still some CoP warm up events to take part in but no combat.

CoP Daily Tasks

Monday: Gather Resources: Use your APC's to gather resources from the world map

Tuesday: Upgrade Buildings + Craft Accessories

Wednesday: Research Technology

Thursday: Hero Development: Recruit heros, exchange hero medals for wisdom medals, level up the heros and unlock / level up skills for them.

Friday: Train Soldiers: Use the camps to train more soldiers for your formations.

Saturday: Kill the enemies: The two states that are competing will be able to travel to each others territories and battle them directly. The more enemy soldiers you kill the more points you earn for yourself and the state. You also earn points when your troops die.

Sunday: Free Development: On day 7 you are able to choose an event to take part in. It can be any of the above. By default if you do not make a choice you will be allocated the Kill Event again.

As a note about the weekend 'kill enemies' task. If you are not planning to take part this is a good time to use a shield to protect yourself or to find alliance members who are using a shield and set your troops to reinforce them (the will be protected while behind the shield). Any troops left in your base will be at risk of being attacked and wounded or killed permanently if you don't have the hospital space for them.

Warm Up Events

During the break week between each COP the events will differ slightly.

Monday: No event (rest day)

Tuesday: Building (as above)

Wednesday: Research (as above)

Thursday: Hero Development (as above)

Friday: Troop Training (as above)

Saturday: Free Development (default Research)

Sunday: Free Development (default Research)

There is no Killing event during the warm up weeks.

Set Free Development

To set the event for free development days, go to the clash of province event screen and select the Overview tab on the top. On this screen there is an 'i' button on the right but towards the top that may be sparkling if you haven't yet chosen an event. It will be on the part that says Today's Event.

Tap this to see a summary of the weeks events so far and on the Day 7 (or day 6 and 7) entry will be a button to choose your event. This has to be done though before the daily reset and that days event starts. If the button is not there it's too late.

Once you have chosen you can go back and change your mind as long as the event hasn't started yet.

Hints and Tips

To maximise the rewards that you get during the CoP it is a good idea to combine the daily challenges with the activity that you need for that day and also make use of any CoP points boost tickets that you receive (50% or 100%).

Make every effort to complete the Zone Commemoration research tree as soon as possible as this will give you large boosts to the amount of CoP rewards you can get. It takes time as you need courage medals to do this but the sooner you can do it the sooner you will be getting great rewards. The Zone Conflict research tree is also added for this event and will help you be more effective during kill events but the commemoration tree is the one to concentrate on first.

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