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Dragon Shouts, Dragon Slayers and Crystals

Dragon Shouts, Dragon Slayers and Crystals
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The dragon shout temple building in Rise of empires and several other associated buildings can be added to your city when you reach level 19. These open us some new possibilities when attacking players and can be very useful when used during Reign of Chaos Total Wars.

What are Dragon Shouts?

The dragon shouts behave like missiles that you can send against enemies. It is like sending a dragon to breath on the enemies castle and damage it. There are several types of 'shout' that you can produce as you add and upgrade the buildings with each doing different types of damage.

The shouts need to be produced in the Dragon lair buildings. The first one that you will get at level 19 is the Black dragon lair and here you can make the black dragon shouts that will reduce the enemy castles fortifications. (their towns durability). One of more of these will effectively zero the enemy castle and force it to relocate. The strength of the shouts that you make will depend on the level of the building upgrade.

What are Dragon Slayer Bolts?

Dragon slayer bolts are made in the dragon slayer building that is also available at level 19. In here you can produce bolts and keep them for use. The amount of bolts that you can make and store for use will depend on the level of the building.

If a shout is launched against you then the slayer bolts will fire automatically and stop incoming attacks. It will take several bolts to stop each 'shout' and the amount will depend on the strength of the incoming shout. Once you run out though you will be vulnerable so it is important to upgrade this building and keep it stocked.

How to use Dragon shouts

To get started using them you much reach level 19 and build the Dragon Shout temple. You will also need to build the Black dragon lair to let you produce the scrolls that are the items that launch the shouts.

Along with these you will be able to build and upgrade Crystal Workshops, which are production buildings for the crystal resource that is needed to make the shouts and also upgrade the shout buildings. Get these built and start producing crystal (using gold) as soon as you can.

You can also build the Dragon slayer building to produce your slayer bolts to defend yourself from a shout attack.

Once you are able to make the dragon shout scrolls, using them against an enemy is simple. Tap on the enemy castle in the map and there will be an option for 'Shouts', you can then choose from any of the shouts that you have produced and launch it. Travel time is quick for the attacks (the dragons fly fast).

Dragon Shout buildings

Dragon shout temple - Unlocked at castle level 19 - Stores and launches the shouts

Dragon Slayer - Unlocked at castle level 19

Black Dragon Lair - Unlocked at castle level 19

- Produces black dragon scrolls - Reduces the enemy fortification by a set amount.

Red dragon lair - Requires Black dragon lair to be level 20

White dragon lair - Requires Red dragon lair to be level 23

Blue dragon lair - Requires White dragon lair to be level 25

Frost dragon lair - Requires Blue dragon lair to be level 25

Pros and cons of Dragon Shouts

The main benefit of a dragon shout is that it can be used against shielded enemies. A shield will not stop the shout attack. If the enemy has the slayer bolts then your shouts will not be effective although sending many in a row can make the enemy run out of slayer bolts and then you will damage them. If the enemy is below level 19 then they will not have slayer bolts and can be hit.

The disadvantage is that it has no benefit to you. Unlike raiding / siege attacks you will not gain resources or Exp. You will also need to produce more shouts which will cost you resources.

The main use for these attacks is in the Reign of chaos total way events where you may need to remove enemy castles that are blocking your way. You cannot attack them normally, but with shouts you can destroy them.

Reign of Chaos Dragon Shouts

There is a special type of dragon that can only be used during the Reign of Chaos Total War. These dragons shouts are made available to each alliance during a war although you can only have 5 of them. They can be launched against any enemy base as long as you have one of your own alliance tiles (a blue or green one) touching their base. They can only be launched by R4/5 members of the alliance.

They will immediately destroy the enemy base regardless of level and force them to teleport away. This is very useful to use against the stronger attackers or possibly to remove strong defenders to stop them reinforcing their own centers. They are limited to 5 for each war though so you have to use them carefully.

If you have any more questions for dragon shouts or any other part of the game please head to the Answers Page to ask there.

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