Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire

The Feast - Empire Celebration Benefit

The Feast - Empire Celebration Benefit
Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire Guide

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The feast is a time limited event that happens when you fist start playing the game and is designed to encourage you to progress and carry out the many activities in the game to get rewards to help you in your initial development.

The event last for 1 week and during the first 5 days new challenges will unlock each day for you to work on. There will be 100 in total. You will have until the end of the week to complete as many of them as you can.

Each challenge completed will give you a small reward of one or more items such as speed ups, rss boxes, recruitment tickets, hero fragments, hero exp, and a few other useful items. You will also be credited with 1 crate (of a maximum of 100) that will be sent to you to open after the event ends. These reward crates will contain a random selection of more of the same rewards.

If you are an active player then the activities that you need to do to claim the rewards are normal one although you will need to work hard to complete a lot of the challenges. Each one you do complete will mean extra bonuses for you so it is worth checking the list and aiming high.

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