Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire

Reign of Chaos: Season X-Rising

Reign of Chaos: Season X-Rising
Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire Guide

Season X Rising is the mode for the reign of chaos event that you will reach after the first 4 seasons. Along with the introduction of the Season X (SX) heroes to collect you will find that the event has quite a few changes.


The season X events take place in a separate map, known as Eden. This map will be similar to your own state and will have the resource plots of different levels on it but the map will be divided up into areas by maintain ranges. Travel between the areas is possible by occupying gates. And within the areas you will find towns and cities that need to be occupied to earn points. Each of these will have levels with higher levels being harder to occupy but giving more points. In the center is the Temple which gives the highest benefit.

You can enter and leave Eden at any time (although with a small cooldown between moves) for free. But you will not be able to teleport around easily as you have done in the past.

Your own development comes as before from taking tiles and processing the resources to let you level up your honor structures. The tiles that you find are now more random on the map however the closer to the center you get the higher the minimum level is that you can find.


With this new location and system of scoring you will also no longer be restricted to your Alliance. When you join the event you will be able to join a Guild. This is a separate grouping to your alliance and you can join up with your owe alliance members and those of other alliance.s The guilds can have to to 200 members although the spaces need to be unlocked over time.

At the start of the event you will have to start a guild or join one that is active on the area that you first teleport to. This is random but you should be placed in the same general location as other members of your alliance to make it easier to get yourselves in the same guild should you wish.

During the event though you can leave and join new guilds to merge and become as powerful as possible to allow you to take as much control of the map as possible. The larger the guild the more likely it is that you can earn rewards. Remember though when moving that you can only gain the rewards from your guild at the en if you earn enough season points. These will reset when you move to a new guild


The main rewards for the event come from the amount of points that your guild manages to gain. These come from Occupation Score. This score is based on the number of towns and cities that your guild occupies by attacking them. You can gain score by taking cities that have already been occupied by other guilds and you must protect your own cities to stop other guilds from taking them which will lose you points.

At the end of the event your guild will receive rewards based on what level they reach of the occupation points. The best rewards are for guilds with a total occupation of at least 2000. As before the rewards are also split into tier groups for the guild master to allocate, with a limited number of top rewards.

In some seasons there are also personal rewards to earn which will get you extra items depending on how much you achieve.

Teleporting in Eden

To move to a new location while in eden you need to build a 'pad' to move to. To do this you need to occupy 4 tiles in a square formation. Once you have them you need to tap and choose the teleport option which will allow you to start building the pad. This takes 2 hours in most situation. When the pad is build you can tap again and chose teleport to move to it.

Protecting yourself in Eden

The next difference in Eden is the conflict between guilds. You will come in to contact with other guilds and can be friendly and help each other or hostile and compete for the towns and tiles. You cannot simply attack other players though.

To attack a castle in Eden you need to have one of your own guild tiles touching the tiles that the castle is sat on. Once you have then your guild can attack it. If the castle is in Eden at the time then you will need to defeat any troops in it. If not then you just need to take down it durability.

Once a castle is destroyed it is marked as 'Fallen'. In this state the player cannot teleport and must restore itself with resources or be rescued by a teammate. Until then the tiles that it sits on belong to the attacking guild.

The standard peace shields do not work in Eden, There is a the option to use a Castle shield which is a new item for the event. It is free to use but you msh let it charge for 2 hours before it activates and then only lasts 8 hours. So it is difficult to use it in a hurry if you are in immediate danger.

Protection Tips
To keep yourself as safe as possible the best course of action is to follow these tips:
Have a backup pad - Whenever you move to a new location, especially if you are anywher near a hostile guilds tiles then make you to build a back up pad in a sage place. This means that you can escape quickly if the enemy is advancing. Or if you come online after being attacked you can quickly restore your castle and teleport away.
Shield and exit - Whenever you stop playing, or need to take a break make sure to exit Eden. This way if you are attacked then you will just be 'Fallen' but will not lose any troops. If you are not going to be active for some time and there is the chance of an attack then start a shield before you leave to keep the enemies away from you.

This is our introduction to the Season X / Eden event in Reign of Chaos. If you have more questions for the event please head to the answer page. Or if you have suggestions for more content please let us know below.

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