Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire

Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire

Activation Codes for Rise of Empires Rewards
Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire Guide

Activation Codes for Rise of Empires Rewards

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UPDATE: Unfortunately the activation codes option is no longer in the game. codes will no longer work. Information is left below for reference in case this option is included in a future update.

Hidden away in the setting menu of Rise of Empires is an option to enter activation codes. This option is there to let players make use of occasional codes sent out by the developers either to individuals or for all to use to gain a few extra rewards in the game.

How to use Activation Codes

To use the codes go to the Settings menu, This is the 3 dots icon at the top of the expanded lower right main menu. In the settings options tap the icon for the activation codes.

Here you can tap the text entry to enter the codes below and you will then receive a mail in the game with your items to claim.

What are the Codes

These are the codes that we know of so far in the game that work for all players. They can be claimed once per account.

Roeilove - Welcome to the game gift - Gain 100 gems.

Roe - Starter Pack. Gain 10,000 Food, 10,000 Lumber, 6,000 Marble, 4,800 Iron, 5,000 Gold, 5x1 min Building Speed ups.

Roefamily - A welcome back gift. Gain 800 gems, 5 Purple tickets and 25,000 Gold.

Backtoroe - Another welcome back gift. Gain 500 gems.

Can I get more Codes

It is likely that more codes are made available by the game developers and if so then they will make it known on their social media channels. So keep an eye out for these and claim them when you can.

They also send out regular in game mails with rewards following game updates. maintenance and on other special occasions. In addition to this the benefits center has daily rewards and other regular activities to gain extra in game items.

If you are aware of any more codes that players can use please let us know in the comments below.

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