Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire

How to use the Shrine to resurrect troops

How to use the Shrine to resurrect troops
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The shrine is a special building in Rise of Empires that is used to revive dead troops, It doesn't have the option to upgrade it as the only function is unlocked once it is built.

Any troops that are lost (killed instead of wounded) during the weekend will event will appear there on Monday (day 1). You will then have 3 days to resurrect them if you wish. Those that you choose to recover will be returned to you on Thursday (day 4).

How to Resurrect

During the 3 days you are able to 'put in' or donate resources towards recovering the troops. You will be able to see a list of the required resources and this will depend on the number and type of troops that you have lost. The standard resources can be used for up to 30% recovery of the dead troops but for the rest you will need a special resource called Mark of Fallen

Mark of Fallen is a special item that you need to buy in the store with real money. It will let you recover the majority of your troops but will cost you, so buying it will depend on how much you are willing to invest in the game.

Donate to Others

You are also able to help others resurrect their troops. In an alliance you can use the Donate tab to see other members who have asked for help with their troops. You are also able to Request donations there for your troops. Helping others is the same as reviving your troops. You donate resources.

There is no reward for helping others but it will help your alliance and make it likely that others will help you in future.

Should I resurrect the troops?

If you have lot a lot of troops in battle then using this option is a quick way to get them back to you and increase your troop count. However it is generally just as easy to train more troops So if you have time to train more then you can do that instead.

Putting in a request for donation though may mean you can get help ad get troops back without putting in resources yourself if you have a helpful alliance. So it can be worth doing that.

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