Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire

Getting started in Reign of Chaos

Getting started in Reign of Chaos
Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire Guide


The Reign of Chaos events are important events in Rise of Empires and will require that an alliance works together to perform well and gain enough points to earn the large rewards that are on offer. Making a good start in your first Reign of Chaos event will make a big difference to how useful you can be. This is a guide to getting started with the main details of the event. We will cover some of these in more details in other guides.

When the event opens you will be able to access the event menu screen and find under the season tab a short introduction to follow to get you in the right place and start you off. The fist thing that needs to happen though is for a leader or R4 member of your alliance to place the first Alliance Center.

Alliance Centers

Alliance centers are important structures in the event and require Stone Blocks to build them (and rebuild them if they are destroyed). The stone blocks need to be bought in the Alliance store and can only be make available and thne bought by memebers donating resources to the Alliance Technology. It is very important that all members donate regularly to keep the supply of the stones coming to let the alliance build the centers. Up to 4 centers can be built and the more the alliance has the better it can do. In the first event you may not be able to build more than 1 or 2 centers. Only one is needed to get started though.

Once the first alliance center is built you can begin the event properly. The game will give you the option to teleport for free close to the Alliance center 1. And once you have done so it will suggest a plot for you to occupy. this will be an empty plot lining from the alliance center of from a plot already occupied by one of your alliance members.

Resource plots / tiles

During the event the world map now has additional resource plots on it but these are tainted / broken. You will still see the regular resource plots that you can gather from but the tainted plots are your targets for this event.

You must occupy plots across the map but always moving on wards from a plot already occupied by yourself of another member of your alliance. The resource plots have levels and you will need to take these in order, (ie, you cannot take and level 2 until you have occupied a level 1). The higher level plots will also require stringer legions to take them and a higher level of immunity that you must build up with upgrades.

There will be a cap of how many plots you can take in total although this cap will raise each day and you will also be able to earn 'Expand plans' during the event to increase the cap further.

Taking the tainted resource plots then lets you find under your Territory tab in the event menu a list of plots and the option to Harvest from them. Harvesting will give you tainted resources which you need to process in a special event building.

Honor Structures / Buildings

As part of the event you are not able to build honor structure buildings in the world map. These need to be placed next to the Alliance centers.

There are 4 types of building to place and initially you can place one of each next to Alliance center 1. The most important buildings are the Frontline Workshop and the Coalition Base Camp. There is also an Assault and Guardian Fortress buildings to place at AC 1.

The Frontline workshop lets you process the tainted resources that you have collected into usable resources and special resources for upgrading the honor structures. Upgrading the workshop will let you process more resources at a faster rate.

The resources you can get from the plots are Food, Marble, Iron, Lumber and Ale. When processed the Lumer and Iron will generate Construction Materials, a special item that is used to upgrade the Workshop and also the Fortress Buildings. Food, Marble and Ale will generate Military Supplies which are needed to upgrade the Base Camp building. You also earn Rebel Supplies from occupying plots that can be processed into both of the special items.

The Coalition Base Camp is a special hospital for the event. Occupying the tainted resource plots will require a level of Loyalty which it a attribute in the event that you gain from upgrading the base camp. The level 1-3 plots will be easy for you to take initially but you will need to build and upgrade the base camp. to occupy higher levels. As you progress to take even higher level plots your troops will be injured even with enough Loyalty and the injured troops must be healed in the base camp building.


As you progress in the event you will earn Honor points from occupying plots and completing quests. The points will add up to the Speciality Level that you can see in the Speciality Tab of the event menu. Each level gives you a point to spend in 3 speciality trees to unlock bonuses and skills.

Green - Resource Speciality - Earn more honor and experience from the event and improve your plots

Blue - Construction Speciality - Improve your processing, Loyalty and other building use.

Red - Combat Speciality - Become stronger in battles during the alliance wars.

You can place the points in any tree you wish and its a good idea to consider carefully the bonuses and skill you want to unlock. The points can be reset at any time but you will need a reset token to do this. You will get 1 free when the even starts and may receive more from time to time, but if you need extras then you need to buy them as part of packages.

At the end of each season of RoC your Spciality level and points will remain so when you start the next event you will not start from the beginning. After several events you will have a lot of options and many bonuses unlocked to help you.

For the first event though you will need to choose carefully the bonuses to unlock. Once recommendation it to try to put the first 10 into the Blue tree to the left which will let you reach and unlock a second processing queue. This will double the amount of resources you can process and greatly speed up the upgrades that you can do for the buildings.

Thanks for reading our quick guide to the event. We will be covering some of these topics in more details. If you have any comments please ad them below. Or if you have any questions please head to the Answers Page to ask there.

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