Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire

Area Cleansing Operation Event

Area Cleansing Operation Event
Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire Guide


This event in Rise of Empires is one that you will get when you first start the game. It is designed to encourage you to build your fighting power and abilities to tackle the range of npc enemies in the world map.


The world map has many undead / zombie enemies and rebel camps to tackle apart from the Undead Giant boss. Each of these give rewards of rss or gold and are a good way to boost your income of each of these and help you progress. So it is a good idea to bolster your marching armies and take these on.

The enemies will spawn at different levels from 1-15 with each level up offering greater wards but a much higher level of difficulty. Fortunately each one will give an indicator of the strength of army you need to send against it to defeat it.

Event Rewards

The event will reward you with points every time you defeat a new type of enemy at a level from 4 upwards. Not for every enemy you kill but only for the first kill of each type at each level (for level 4 and above). THe higher the level you kill the more points you get. For this reason it is required that you keep improving your troops, upgrading your training grounds and enhancing the heroes skills to become stronger and tackle higher level enemies.

Before the end of the event you will be able to trade the points you earn for specific rewards. You are able to choose from a list of heroes to recruit, recruitment tickets and EXP or medals to improve the heroes you have.

The event runs for the first 30 days of your game which puts the pressure on to keep up the progress and upgrades to let you earn as many points as possible.

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