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Heroes Guide
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In Rise of Empires you have the option to recruit and collect heroes as you play and progress. The heroes are very important to your progress and mainly to your legion and troop power. Our heroes guide will help you understand how to get heroes and how to use the effectively.

When you start the game a few heroes will join you during the tutorial phase and once you build the Bar you will be able to use recruitment scrolls (tickets) to recruit more. But what are the uses of the heroes and how do you get the best ones?

Types of Heroes

There are 2 types of heroes that you get in the game and 4 rarity levels. The 2 types are development heroes and combat heroes. The rarity levels are shown in the colours, Green, Blue, Purple and Orange. Orange heroes are the best in the game.

Each hero will have skills that can need to be unlocked and leveled up for them to be useful for you in the game. They will determine the job that they can be assigned to.

S Heroes

There are also a special set of S (season) orange heroes that are available. These become available to recruit after each season of Reign of Chaos. These heroes have some of the better skills in the game but the skills are very hard to unlock so while they are the ultimate goal it will be a lot of work to get them.

Recruiting Heroes

Once you build the Bar building you will be able to use scrolls to recruit heroes. Heroes can be recruited from 3 sections: Normal recruitment (blue scrolls), advanced recruitment (purple scrolls) and super recruitment (orange scrolls). At certain times there are also other option available to use special orange scrolls that give you a better chance of recruiting orange heroes (or in some cases a guaranteed orange hero).

With each type of scroll there are different chances to get heroes. And in many cases you may only get hero exp items and wisdom medals, although these have their uses too. The best chance to get orange heroes is with the super recruitment (orange) scrolls. There is still only a low chance with these though so do not expect to get a lot of great heroes in a hurry.

Getting Scrolls

Each day you will receive some free scrolls to use. 3 blue scrolls, 1 purple and 1 orange. You can can also earn scrolls through completing Daily Tasks and in the Clash of Provinces event you earn orange scrolls (1 initially) from the third reward box and more scrolls from the daily reward if your province wins the days event. (depending on your castle level)

You can also buy packages from the shop that give you orange scrolls to use. Be aware though that like all theses other scrolls they only give you a chance to recruit heroes.

The Reign of chaos event does give you the possibility to receive special recruitment scrolls for the S Heroes that do guarantee an orange S hero. These are rare but well worth working towards.

Stationing Heroes

Development Heroes can be stationed in the cities resource production buildings or other development buildings to give boosts to productivity. All of these can be useful in some way, although the higher rarity heroes should be prioritized where you can.

Combat heroes are used (stationed) in the Legions, You will need to unlock the training camp buildings and complete research for the legions to do this. Check the Legion formations guide for more help here. There are a lot of combat heroes available in the game but you will only be able to use a limited number at a time depending on the number of legion hero slots you have. In this case Orange heroes are by far the best and should be used and upgraded whenever possible. Purple heroes can be used to fill spaces where needed. blue heroes are only used at the start and can then be split for hero medals and green combat heroes can always be split for medals.

Hero Skills

You can see any heroes skills be finding them in the hero menu and tapping on the scroll icon at the bottom of the screen to see the skill list. You can then tap on each skill to see what it gives. Orange heroes have 8 skills, Purple have 6, blue have 4 and Green have 2 or 3.

Each development hero will have skills related to its job, for example improving the gold income, or speeding up troop training.

Combat hero skill will benefit your legions in battles. All of these are useful but some will be very important and some will be very hard to unlock.

For all combat heroes the first skill will let you increase the number of troops that that hero can command, this will affect how many troops you can have in the row of the legion formation that you place the hero in.

The main skills to take a not of are skills 2, 5, 6 and 8 (for orange heroes)

Skills 2 5 and 8 are special skills for that hero and importantly have a Range value that affects how far they can take effect in battle. They may also specify a troop type and if so then that hero will only be useful when leading those troops. You need to take note of these when placing them in your formations.

Awakening Heroes

The 6th skill of the purple and orange heroes is called Awaken and is probably the most important one to unlock

This skill grants an extra bonus to the number of troops it can lead which is very useful and also grants buffs to might and resistance. Maxing this and the first skill will let you place a lot of strong troops in the battle.

For more details on placing your combat heroes in your formations please see the Legion Formations guide page. If you have any further questions please go to the Answers Page to ask there.

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