Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire

Monster Siege Defense Event

Monster Siege Defense Event
Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire Guide


The monster siege defense event in Rise of Empires is a challenge event that becomes available every few days but is unlike the other challenges available to you. You will need to be part of an alliance to get this challenge, and your alliance must activate it each time.

What happens during the Monster Siege?

When it is available you will see it in the events list and you should also get a message in the mail to let you know. It will be open and available for a day but is not automatically started. During the time that it is available it can be started by the alliance leaders (R4/5). If no one starts it then it will expire. It can only be run once during the day.

When the event begins in your area up to 10 waves of monster enemies will swarm from the large ruins points on the world map and attack all of the alliance members in the area. The monsters will attack in waves that will get harder each time until you are eventually defeated (or survive all waves).

You will win each wave if you manage to defeat at least 50% of the incoming horde. When you are defeated the event will stop for you and the wave that beat you will be your max level.

You can choose to help others by reinforcing them with your troops if they are still going when you are been beaten.

What do you need to do

You don't need to do anything to take part in this challenge. Someone in your alliance will need to start it, which could be you. But otherwise it will run and the battles will happen automatically.

If you know the event is likely to happen you should make sure your troops are all stationed in your base to maximise your defences and allow you to survive longer.


The good news is that there is no damage done to your troops during the event. none will be wounded or killed and no healing is needed afterwards. The event will damage your base though and result in it being on fire for 30 minutes. The damage done to your durability will recover but its best to avoid doing this event if you or your alliance is engaged in any conflict as it may make you weaker to any attacks.


The rewards are awarded based on the highest level of zombies that you manage to survive until. Each level will get slightly better rewards. The rewards for this are not great, but then you didn't risk loosing anything. They will include some hero Exp though which should come in useful.

There are also awards for top performing alliances if your alliance is powerful. THe more you can do to perform well will help your alliance gain the most points.

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