Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire

How to enhance troops

How to enhance troops
Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire Guide


The main element in your power and strength in Last shelter is the amount and level of your troops. These combined with good heroes will determine your effectiveness in the game. One option that you have to improve your troops is to enhance them.

What are enhanced troops

Enhanced troops are slightly better than the standard ones for the tier of troops that you are training, but not as good as the next tier up. I.e. enhanced T7 troops are a Tier 7.5 but not T8. The enhanced troops will have imroved stats to might, defense etc. And there will be a few other advantages.

How to enhance

To enhance troops you first need to do research for each troop type to then reach and unlock the option. You can then enhance any level of that troop type.

How to enhance troops

Enhancing is done in the Military university building. Tap the building and choose the troops option to see all of your available troops listed in groups. Troops that are enhanced already will be shown separately from the normal ones of that tier and will have a small strong arm icon in the top right.

How to enhance troops

To enhance troops tap on the troop type and then select the strong arm icon below. If you don't have the research don't yet it will tell you. It costs gold to enhance the troops, and takes time. You can speed this up as with normal training.

How to enhance troops

The enhanced troops are separate from the normal ones and must be deployed in your legions separately as well. Each row can have enhanced troops or normal troops but not a mix.

Is it worth enhancing troops

Early on there is no point enhancing troops. But once you reach T7 (level 19) your progress may be slower and

you may well have been able to unlock the research for enhancement. Once you get to c25 and unlock T9 troops then enhancement is the only way to improve them.

The advantage to enhanced troops apart from the attack and defense improvements is that they are much quicker to heal. This is very useful when in long battles during kill events and reign of chaos. Healing is faster and speeding up the healing with gems will cost less.

The disadvantages to enhanced troops is that it costs you gold and time to get them, and you have to first train the normal troops to do this. So it is doubly costly. It also costs gold when you heal them. At points in the game you will likely be short on gold if you are pushing through upgrades so you may have to consider this.

Overall I think that enhancing troops (once you reach level 19 and above) is worth the cost. It helps a lot in battles. And once you reach the top levels it is essential. Below level 19 it is not worth worrying about.

If you have any questions about this or any other aspect of the game please head to the Answers Page to ask there.

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