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Why donate to Alliance technology

Why donate to Alliance technology
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When you are a member of an alliance in Rise of Empires (and you should be) you will have the option to donate to alliance technology. This is done in the alliance menu under the 'Technology' option. Although donations are optional your alliance leaders may request that you keep up with donations to remain a member if they wish. But what do you donate and what does it mean for the alliance and you?

What to donate?

When making donations to your alliance you have 2 options, you can donate normal resources and you can donate gems, up to a set cap. Resource donations have a cap of 25 with a refresh of 1 every 20 minutes. If you donate 25 times, it takes 20 minutes before you can donate 1 more time, or a maximum of 8 hours and 20 minutes before you can donate 25 times again.

Each item will require a fixed amount of resources to donate each time and the type of resource may change as you progress through the stars that you need to reach for each item. The higher levels of research will need more resources for each item but give greater contribution rewards.

Gem donations have a limit of 50 times a day. (resets at the daily reset time - midnight in the world clock). You can donate gems to any research item but the amount needed for each donation in each item will increase with every donation. For example the first donation may cost 2 gems and the second 4 diamonds, then 6, 8 etc. Each higher level of the research items available to you will also have increased cost the same with resources. You can spread your diamond donations out over many items which will keep the cost lower for you.

Why Donate?

Donating to the alliance is important for all members. Every upgrade in alliance technology will provide a small but useful buff to all the members and allow you to become stronger as a whole. The buffs can also help you to be better at gaining points in daily and other events.

The more direct benefit to yourself though is that you will receive alliance contribution points for every donation which can be spent in the alliance store to gain useful items such as shields speedups and other buffs.

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