Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire

Class Manual and the National Quest

Class Manual and the National Quest
Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire Guide


Once you reach level 6 in Rise of Empires you will be able to build the class hall and choose your class. Once you have done this you can start sending a legion each day to the National Quest to earn class Exp and points for your states development.

If your state is new you may need to wait for the first few weeks for the state to gain a president, before the National buildings can be placed by the President .

National Quest

In the national quest you will have a choice of buildings to send your legion to and each will have a range of missions to select. Each mission is restricted to a fixed class so you must choose one that hits your class. Farmers for example can send to Agricultural Scholar missions. Missions also have a level requirement so initially you must sent to the level 1 missions.

Starting a mission will send 1 of your legions to march to the center of the map where the buildings are located. Each mission will have a specified length of time that it will take from 1 hour to 5 hours. And an amount of Exp that it will reward you with. The longer the mission the more Exp that you will gain but the longer your troops will be away for. You should always try to send to the longest mission you can to gain the most Exp points.

Some missions are team missions. These are listed at the bottom of each buildings list. Team missions can take up to 3 members and if you can get 3 people to join then the rewards will be higher than with 1 or 2. Any one of the same class in the state can join in the team mission (not just your alliance) but all 3 need to join within 30 minutes of the first player starting the mission.

Initially you will only be able to send to 1 mission a day, but once you reach the right level you can then send to more.


Cards are unlocked and upgraded in the class manual detailed below. When you send your legion on a quest you will have the option to select card to give you bonuses. Make sure that you take the option to select the cards for use before you march your legion to the quest.

Class Manual

Gaining the Exp points from the national quests will then raise your class level and gain you class points. Open the Class Manual in the Class hall building to see the points you earn and the cards that you can unlock with them. The cards are unlocked in a tree meaning that you must follow an order. The more points you gain and the further down you reach the better the bonuses and rewards you can gain.

Some of the items are related to getting you more Exp from the quests while other will improve your abilities based on the class you have. Farmers will be able to gain increased gathering speeds and production rates for example.

To use the cards that you unlock youth you need to tap on the Card Use tab at the top and place cards that you want to activate. You cannot use all of the cards that you unlock all of the time.

There are different types of cards with different functions.

Income cards will improve your quest Exp gains for future missions.

Class cards will improve your class abilities.

Alliance cards will give benefits to the whole alliance if you are a representative.

You can also use all in the general position.

Once you select your cards you need to Save them to activate them. You can only save once a day.

Sending your legion every day to the gain as much Exp as you can it very useful to you and will also help you benefit the province as a whole as you will earn quest points that will let the president upgrade the buildings in time to then improve the Exp everyone can earn.

If you have any advice to add to this please let us know in the comments, and if you have any questions please head to the Answers Page.

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