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Hero Fragments Guide

Hero Fragments Guide
Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire Guide

The many combat and development heroes in the game are the key to success in battles and in the production of resources that you need to progress but getting them is a case of luck and patience. Or deep pockets. We are always being tempted with the recruitment tickets but like lottery tickets the odds are stacked against hitting that jackpot.

A separate way to obtain the heroes is through collecting hero fragments but what are they?
The fragments are credit towards a specific hero that when you collect enough will let you trade them in for a hero to add to your collection. Or if you already have the hero then you can gain a hero medal that you may need to unlock a skill for the hero.

How to get them?
The fragments can be obtained one at a time from Daily Challenge event reward chests (2nd tier rewards) and potentially other reward drops. This is a slow way to get them but doesn't cost you anything extra to do so.
You can also buy fragments from the Token Shop (in the heroes Hall Building) by using the hero tokens, these are also earned from the Daily Challenge events from the third tier reward box. Collecting enough tokens will let you immediately exchange them for enough fragments to get the hero.

The bad news is that you will need to collect a lot of fragments for each Hero. 150 for a purple hero and some orange heroes and 200 for the main Orange heroes. And each fragment that you get will be dropped for a specific hero, so you are not able to choose to apply them to a hero that you want. You may end up mainly collecting fragments of heroes you already have.

How do i check my progress
To see how many fragments you have collected so far and for which heroes, use the Hero menu button on the main screen bottom right and then select the Fragments Tab.

This high level of fragments needed and inability to choose your reward does put fragments on the slow path to hero ownership but over time you will find it easier to get the rewards and with some heroes being very rare drops this is at least a path that you can follow easily.

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