Farming Simulator 16

Shops and Refilling Stations

Shops and Refilling Stations
Farming Simulator 16 Guide

To maximize growth of your farm, it is ideal to be familiar with the shops, and other stations, available around the area. Knowing the shops available, and their location, shall save you time and money too.

Purchase Shops

When selling produce, there are several shops (bakery, inn, harbor, mill, station, spinnery, sawmill, biogas plant) in the area which will pay you a good sum for the product you will deliver. To determine which shop to bring your produce to you must frequently check the prices. The prices of goods depend on the supply you provide. Prices of a certain produce shall lower in time if it is frequently produced. To do this, there are two ways available:

A. Check the prices through your map
Tap on your map (located at the upper right corner), and tap on the shops’ icon and check on the prices. It is recommended that you check the prices frequently to determine which crop to plant and harvest. Once you have produce ready and have decided which shop to sell your produce to, you may hire an assistant to drive you up to the shop (for a fee), or you may choose to drive all the way to the shop yourself (for free).

B. Check prices through your settings
Click on the hamburger icon at the upper right corner of your screen and then click on Prices. Doing this shall reveal all the current prices of various shops. At the same time it also shows the trend of the current produce (if it has recently gone down or up).

Farming Shop

The farming shop is a place where all your purchased equipment will be picked up after every purchase you make. To retrieve the equipment you just bought, bring a tractor that will be free to carry up the attachment you just bought. If you bought a vehicle, then you may just switch vehicles on your screen and drive the vehicle all the way to your farm.

When purchasing vehicles, it is important to note that you may only purchase a maximum of 75 vehicles at a time. If you decide to sell a purchased vehicle, you will just have to go to the Shop icon and sell your vehicle. Keep in mind that you will only get a lower percentage of the value of your vehicle or equipment.

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