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Farming Simulator 16 Guide

As the game heavily focuses on the use of different farming equipment, learning how to move the equipment around will be one of the most important skills to master in the game.

I. Driving Controls

When it comes to maneuvering and working your way around, there are two available options which you could choose; a). Controls using the Game’s gyroscope features and b). Controls using the on-screen navigation.

A. Using the Gyroscope Function
For these controls, this option is best recommended for players who will be playing the game upright--or any particular position as long as the phone’s gyroscope and accelerometer features are allowed to be used (ideally with the player’s face looking down at the phone). That way, all the player has to do in order to steer the equipment around the farm will be to simply tilt the phone towards the left and the right to determine the direction you wish to take.

Together with the steering of the equipment comes the ability to throttle your equipment to move forward. To do this, the player will have to slide the lever up (forward) and down (backward), which is located on the right of the screen. The speed at which the equipment shall move shall depend on how far you will slide the lever up and down.

B. Using On-screen Icons
To select to use the on-screen icons, players must first turn off the Gyroscope feature of the game through the settings located at the upper right hand corner of the screen.

Once that is done, players will see a steering wheel icon on the screen which they can slide to the left or to the right to determine the direction they wish to take. To move forward and backward, the players will have to turn to the set of controls located at the lower right-hand corner of the screen and slide the lever up and down to throttle. The speed at which the equipment shall move shall depend on how far you will slide the lever up and down.

II. Other Controls

Once you get the hang of controlling the equipment, the rest of the controls will largely involve the simple tapping of a few icons on the screen.

A. Attach/Detach an Equipment. This control allows you to attach a header, a tipper, a cultivator, or any additional attachment to your tractor or harvester. You may detach and attach them anytime anywhere but be sure to remember where you left them in the map. To detach/attach to an equipment, all you have to do is tap on this icon.

B. Activate an Attachment. Once you have an attachment in tow, that particular attachment may not be ready for use unless you activate it. To do this all you have to do is tap on the Activate tool on the screen once you are on the field.

C. Hire an Assistant. Keeping up a farm is hard work therefore any help you may get with your farm is absolutely welcome and needed. To hire an assistant, all you have to do is to tap on the Steering Wheel/Automate icon on the screen. Doing this will allow your chosen equipment to move, harvest, cultivate, or sow the field on its own. But remember, hiring an assistant is not free as you are deducted $1 every second the equipment moves.

D. Honk your Horn. In the beginning, you won’t be carry huge equipment on the roads but later on in the game, you may choose to upgrade to nicer and bigger equipment. With that, you may end up taking up so much space on the road thus making it hard for other vehicles to pass. To inform the other vehicles of your presence, all you have to do is honk your horn and the other vehicles shall move aside for you to pass. To do this, all you have to do is tap on the Honk icon on the screen.

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