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Starting Resources

Starting Resources
Farming Simulator 16 Guide


When the game begins, players are given the basic equipment and tools in order to get started with the process involved in growing the farm.

All of The tools and equipment can be used to increase productivity but if players would prefer to upgrade their equipment to bigger, faster, and more powerful ones, then they may do so by proceeding to the Shop and buying the items they need.

But for those who are happy with the basic equipment then what is left for them to do is to master the use of the tools perfectly. Here are the items or tools that are readily available once the game begins.

Farming Equipment

1. Tractor. One of the most essential actions to perform in the game shall involve moving around with equipment like accomplishing deliveries and pick-ups of goods and other resources. To be able to do this a tractor or transport vehicle must be used. Tractors can be used to cultivate, sow, and even mow your fields--as long as you attach it to the right equipment. When you start, you will be granted one tractor which you could also use to deliver goods to shops for a profit.

2. Tipper. This attachment is used to load crops to and from different destinations. Aside from the tipper being used as a medium to deliver goods to destinations, it can also be used to unload the harverster of the crops it carries so it could continue harvesting more crops. To do this, the tractor (with the tipper load), must be positioned parallel to the harvester for it to unload the harvested crops. The capacity of the tipper shall depend on the model so if you would prefer to carry more load at a time, you may choose to purchase a bigger tipper. Take note, though, that buying a huge tipper must be complemented with a tractor that is powerful enough to pull the tipper around.

3. Harvester. One of the main actions that players must do in the game is to harvest crops to sell. The game makes it easy for you to begin your farming journey by awarding you with a ready-to-use harvester. This harvester is not an all-power one since its maximum speed is at 14kph. Nevertheless it’s one useful harvester that would help you get by during your early days of farming.

All of the harvesters available already have an on-board grain tank, except for the BigX 1100, which would require an additional tank as an attachment to catch its grains or perhaps a trailer to move alongside it to catch all the harvested crops.

4. Basic Header. The harvester, may not run by itself, as it would require a proper header as an attachment to continue with harvesting. The basic harvester that will be provided is capable of harvesting wheat, canola, and potato. To harvest corn, players will have to purchase a different header for that.

5. Cultivator. Once you open the game, harvesting the crops will be the first thing you will do. After that, you will have to plow the harvested field to loosen up the soil for the seeds. This process can only be done when a cultivator is attached to a tractor. The basic cultivator can only process one row at a time. You will have to purchase a bigger cultivator if you would want to plow more fields at a given time. You may also hire an assistant to plow your fields.

6.Sow Header. Once the land is cultivated enough, sowing would be the next thing to do. Sowing is basically planting the seed on the field. The sow header available, which is attached to a tractor, is capable of planting wheat, canola, sugarbeet, and corn. To use the sow header, seeds must be loaded into it. At the beginning, your sow header will already have pre-loaded seeds in it. To reload the sow header with more seeds, you will just have to proceed to the seed bank next to your farm. The amount of the loaded seeds shall be automatically deducted from your overall in-game money.

II. Resource Buildings

Right beside the two fields you will be using in the beginning, you will also be provided a few resource buildings around the area that will allow you to store, purchase, and manage other resources.

1. Seed bank. Once your sow header is empty, you may proceed to this area, with your sow header of course, to load it up with more seeds (canola, wheat, sugarbeet, potato, and corn).

2. Fertilizer shop. This building allows you to load up your fertilizer head with enough fertilizer to spray on your crops. A fertilizer head is not available in the beginning so you would have to purchase one later on in the game. In the beginning, though, the crops don’t necessarily require fertilizer and you may save up and increase your money by justo working with the few equipment you have available. You should note, however, that spraying on fertilizer shall allow you to harvest a bigger amount of crops.

3. Sheep shed. Right beside your field, you may notice a sheep shed available. Once the animals are fed properly, they will be able to produce other income-generating resources. In this case, the sheep can produce wool, which you may sell to the nearby shops. In the beginning, you may not have the capacity to produce hay to feed your animals but having them around is sort of helpful as it helps you set your goals better.

4. Cowshed. Just like the sheep shed, you will also find a cow shed right beside your fields. The cows you have, if fed, can produce milk and even manure--all of which you can sell for a profit later on (or use the manure as fertlizer for your fields). The equipment you have in the beginning won’t allow you to feed your cows just yet.

5. Meadow. Other than the field for planting crops, you will also find a field of grass right beside your sheep shed. This is available so you may work on the grass to make hay, which is used to feed your animals. To turn the grass into hay, you must first mow the grass, dry them up with a tedder, and then use a bale to turn them into hay.

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