Farming Simulator 16

Cows and Manure

Cows and Manure
Farming Simulator 16 Guide

Aside from Milk, another product that Cows can produce is the Manure. Once you have enough Manure, you may sell it to the Biogas plant or use it as a fertilizer for your fields.

To make manure, all you have to do is feed your cows with either grass, hay, or even straw.

To feed them with simple grass, the process begins with mowing the grass and then collecting the grass with a Loading Wagon onto your Tractor. Once the Loading Wagon is filled, drop off the Grass in the cow shed for their food.

To feed your cows with hay, mow the grass and then run a Tedder to dry up the freshly cut grass. After drying up the grass, pick up the dried grass with a Loading Wagon. With the Loading Wagon filled, run to your cowshed and deposit the Hay for the cow’s food.

To feed your cows with straw, run a loading wagon through the field where you have just harvested Wheat. After filling up your Loading Wagon, drive to the cow shed to deposit the straw.

To make bales, run a Baler onto the field of Grass or Straw and then drive to your cow shed to deposit the bales.

Collect the Manure

After feeding your Cows, Manure can be collected. To collect accumulated Manure, attach a Fertilizer Spreader (like the Bergmann M 1080 or the Gilibert Helios 15) to your Tractor and then drive to the Manure dump right near your cow shed.

Once you have the Manure, you may sell it to shops or use it as Fertilizer on your Meadow or Crops to increase the quality of the crop / grass produced.

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