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Grow into an Expert Farmer with Farming Simulator 16

Grow into an Expert Farmer with Farming Simulator 16

A zombie apocalypse, a meteor strike, an economic collapse, and even an alien invasion; all these doomsday scenarios require one particular skill of survival and that is the ability to go back to the basics of food sourcing. Aside from hunting and gathering, a sure-fire way to guarantee one’s survival is to master the art and skill of farming.

However, not everyone is blessed to have an empty and fertile land to use for their farming needs. So for those people, their desire to learn how to farm shall not go in vain as they may put on their farmer’s hat and put their farming knowledge to test with Giants Software’s Farming Simulator 16.

Set in a western town, Farming Simulator 16 allows players to manage their own realistic farms by giving them the free reign to grow, harvest, and of course even sell five different crops (wheat, corn, sugarbeet, potato, and canola). Aside from cultivating crops, players may also raise cows and sheep. In addition to that, players can also apply forestry knowledge and sell gathered timber.

The game is available at around $5 with optional in-app purchases for added coins and in-game money ranging from a little over $1 up to $3. Having a good amount of in-game money is essential in the game as they would heavily be used to acquire stronger and more efficient equipment to use in all aspects of one’s farm.

To begin farming, players are granted two vacant lots right in the middle of a small town. One lot will have its crops ready for harvest, while the other one will allow the players to practice cultivating the land first. To complement the lots, players will also be given a few basic equipment to use for all their initial farming needs—they will have a tractor, a harvester, a cultivator, a header (for harvesting), and even a tipper (to load and unload products). When it comes to gameplay it pretty much revolves around the need to successfully manage a farm by growing and selling crops, with the use of all the provided equipment. Players begin by cultivating their land, then proceed by sowing them with the desired seeds, and when the time is right, harvest the crops and then sell it to the respective buyers. When it comes to selling the crops the game allows players to select from various stores that will offer the best price.

Apart from growing and harvesting plants, players may also use the crops they have harvested to tend to their cows and sheep. Doing this shall provide players the chance to acquire the Milk resource, which fetches quite a good sum of money too.

As like most simulator games, the presence of a thrilling and exciting gameplay may not be found in the game. Despite that, however, the game absolutely provides quite an addictive appeal as players may find themselves checking back on the game several times in a day, or perhaps staying for “just one more minute”.

What players may find actually challenging are the game’s lack of guidance as they may end up trying out every button first to figure out how to make things work, and worse, struggling to maneuver the tractor to the right position in order to pick up a tipper. The game also offers special requests or orders which players must fulfill within the given time. Once the player has agreed to fulfill the request, there will be no other reminder of your mini quest on the screen aside from your own memory. There may also be times when a warning icon will appear while harvesting or cultivating a field. When this happens, players are more or less left to make educated guesses since nothing will explain how to address the problem.

With somewhat complicated controls and the lack of guidance, the game may somewhat prove to be difficult for beginners of the farming simulator series. Other than that, players would enjoy their purchase of the game with close-to-reality farming scenarios and the game’s amusing graphics and sounds.

3.9 / 5.0
Review by Private (Steph) | Oct 21st 2015

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Review by GuestJan 8th 2024

It is an amazing game if you have played it before I love it I just started back yesterday and I'm doing very well I recommend it.

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Review by GuestFeb 4th 2021

Graphics and idea is too good. Fun to play this game. But honestly I faced too many problems by playing multiplayer mode. Hope you will help me out. And also there should be a function to copy one device's game to another. Thank You.

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Review by violaferencApr 4th 2020

I find it very calm and soothing, I'm fed up with shooting games. This one is ideal for short pla every now and then with a long way to achieve high results...

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Review by GuestJun 10th 2018

Best game i've ever played.



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Review by GuestMar 28th 2018

Realistic and fun game, but need to more work with physics, i use some mods from fs17. lt to add more fun stuff

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Review by GuestNov 26th 2017

I hate this game. Its very very very very boring

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