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Transports are a fast and easy way to go to different locations. For pick-up trucks which you would want to attach a trailer to, be sure to use a dolly first.

Brand Name and Model: MAN TGS 18.440
Buying Price: 285,000
Selling Price: 213,750
Horse Power: 440
Maximum Speed: 80

Brand Name and Model: Krampe SB 30/60
Buying Price: 182,000
Selling Price: 136,000
Capacity: 59,000

Brand Name and Model: Fliegl (Low Loader)
Buying Price: 23,000
Selling Price: 17,250

Brand Name and Model: LIZARD Pickup Truck
Buying Price: 146,000
Selling Price: 109,500
Horse Power: 220
Maximum Speed: 80

Brand Name and Model: Fliegl Dolly EA
Buying Price: 12,000
Selling Price: 9,000
Tip: The dolly connets a tractor to the Krampe SB 30/60 trailer or to the low loader

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