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How to Harvest Sugarbeet

How to Harvest Sugarbeet
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When it comes to harvesting sugarbeet, engaging in three basic steps will be part of the whole package—1). Preparation, 2). Harvesting, and 3). Selling. Sugarbeet is one of those crops that has a potential for a higher yield than other crops. But when harvesting sugarbeet, a special type of machine must be used in order to be successful in the harvest—specifically the Grimme Rootster 640.

A. Preparation

To prepare to harvest Sugarbeet, your land must be ready to for seed planting. To do this, the land must be plowed with a cultivator attachment. In order to do this, attach a cultivator to your tractor (your default cultivator will work—but you would want to upgrade to a bigger one later on in order to cover more area). Afterward, drive to a good corner in your land. Then “activate” the cultivator by lowering it to the ground. Once that is done, drive through your land to begin plowing the area. You may hire an assistant to finish plowing the whole area, for a fee, or you may drive your tractor and cultivator by yourself.

Note: You may choose to sprinkle fertilizer on your land to increase the buying price of your crop. To do this, you will have to purchase your own fertilizer spreader

After plowing the land, and loosening up the soil for the seeds, it is now time to plant some seeds on your land. Before continuing with planting seeds, it is important to make sure that your sow machine is loaded with enough sugarbeet seeds. (If you are out of seeds, you can load up your sow machine with seeds of your desired crop by driving a tractor, with the sow machine attached, to the seed shop near your area). While your sow machine is attached to your tractor, find a position at a corner in your field. Then, “activate” the sow machine by lowering it to the ground. Once that is done, all you have to do is drive through your land to sow every inch of the land. When driving, be sure to drive in a straight line to make sure not to miss any land. You may also hire an assistant to do your sowing

When you have all the seeds ready for planting, bring the tractor—with an attached sow machine—to a corner of your land and “activate” the sow machine by lowering it to the ground. Once the sow machine is activated, drive across your land in a straight line or hire an assistant to carry one with planting the seeds to your land, for a fee of course.

B. Harvesting

Harvesting sugarbeet may generally follow the same steps as the steps in harvesting other crops but there is one main difference though—the harvest machine you must use, which is the Grimme Rootster 640, the only harvest machine that can harvest sugarbeet.

When harvesting, be sure to get familiar with the different growth stages of your crops. You may check on your in-game manual available under your settings page. Crops that are ready for harvest will turn golden brown/yellow. One way to check if your crops are ready is to check on the field yourself while another way would be to check on your map and see the color of the crop icon on your field.

Note: It is important to be familiar with the different stages of growth since leaving the harvested crops unattended will lead to spoilage.

Now that you are familiar with the indication of a crop that is ready to harvest, it is best to harvest your crops as soon as you can. To begin harvesting sugarbeets, attach the Grimme Rootster 640 to a tractor and then position yourself at a corner in your land. Afterward, “activate” your harvester by lowering it to the ground. Then drive in a straight line across your land to make sure every inch of your land is covered. You may also hire an assistant to do this task for a fee too.

Note: Just like the common harvester, the Grimme Rootster 640 may get filled up as it harvests your crops. Once the machine is full, it will immediately stop moving and working. When this happens, you must empty the harvester by positioning a tractor—with a tipper attached—right beside the harvester and wait for the harvester to unload the collected crops to the tipper.

C. Selling

Once you are done with harvesting your crops, what is left to do is to sell them for a profit. Prices of crops change all the time so it is best to check which station offers the best price for the crop you have just harvested.

To check for prices, there are two ways available. One of the things you can do is to open your map and tap on the icons f each store and review the prices. Another way available is to open the Prices tab which is located on your settings menu (through the hamburger icon).

Once you have selected the store to which you will sell your crops to, you may drive all the way to the store or you may hire an assistant to drive your tractor to your chosen store.

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