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Tippers are used to carry harvested crops during a harvest and to a store. It is attached to a tractor and is also highly essential when completing job requests.


Brand Name and Model: HB BRANTNER E 8041

Buying Price: 15,000

Selling Price: 11,250

Capacity: 8,200


Brand Name and Model: K Agroliner HKD 302

Buying Price: 62,000

Selling Price: 46,500

Capacity: 21,000


Brand Name and Model: Fliegl TMK 266 Bull

Buying Price: 89,000

Selling Price: 66,750

Capacity: 32,000


Brand Name and Model: Krampe Bandit 750

Buying Price: 110,000

Selling Price: 82,500

Capacity: 40,000

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