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Producting Straw and Straw Bales

Producting Straw and Straw Bales
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Producing straw is done by harvesting wheat. When harvesting wheat, straw is what is left after the grain is taken out and harvested. You make collect the straw on the ground by driving a tractor, with a Loading Wagon attached, throughout the land—make sure that the Loading Wagon is “activated” once you go through the field.

When you have filled up your Wagon, you may either sell the collected Straw or feed it to your Cows in order for them to produce manure.

Selling the collected Straw involves simply driving all the way to a desired Shop (station, mill, harbor, etc.) and dumping the Straw.

Straw Bales

If you decide to take the longer route with Straw and use it to feed your cows, you will have to turn Straw into Straw Bales. To do this, attach a Baler to a Tractor and drive along the field. To collect the Bales, you have to use the Arcusin FS 63-72, an auto-stacker which will pick up your Straw Bales.

When you have all the Straw Bales in your Wagon, you may dump them to your Cow Shed as their Fodder.

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