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Cultivators are included as one of the most important equipment you will need to grow your farm. Planting crops is nothing without land that has been plowed to perfection--and only a Cultivator can do this. Therefore, it is essential to have one or two in your inventory.

1. Cultivators
Brand Name and Model: AMAZONE Cenius 3002
Buying Price: 16,000
Selling Price: 12,000
Harvest Range: 3

2. Cultivators
Brand Name and Model: VOGEL NOOT Terra Disc 600
Buying Price: 40,000
Selling Price: 30,000
Harvest Range: 6

3. Cultivators
Brand Name and Model: HORSCH Tiger 10 LT
Buying Price: 86,000
Selling Price: 64,500
Harvest Range: 10

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