Farming Simulator 16

Cutting, Collecting, and Replanting

Cutting, Collecting, and Replanting
Farming Simulator 16 Guide


A). Collecting Timber

When collecting Timber, the process may require two main things--lots of time and lots of your money. Primarily though, money would cover most of the requirements since you would have to invest in purchasing the equipment capable of collecting timber. To engage in forestry, the primary machine you will need is the Ponsse Scorpion King and the Ponsse Buffalo which cost 338,000 and 242,000 respectively.

Then after investing on the machine, the next investment you must make will be your time. When deciding to delve into forestry, it is recommended that players focus on forestry once everything about the harvesting crops and other products be mastered first since you forestry requires quite a large amount of money in the beginning as well as the time it demands from people.

Cutting, Collecting, and Replanting

To start, hop on your Ponsse Scorpion King and drive to any tree you see on the map. Once you’ve found a tree you like, position yourself to face the tree and have the machine cut the tree down by pressing the “activate” button.

Cutting, Collecting, and Replanting

B). Loading up the logs

After cutting down the tree, the next machine to be put to work will be the Ponsse Buffalo, which will be responsible for picking up the logs from the ground and transporting them to the Sawmill for selling. To pick up the logs, all that you must do is drive your Ponsse Buffalo to where the logs are and then position your machine right beside the logs to pick them up after pressing the “activate” button.

Cutting, Collecting, and Replanting

C). Replanting

In the beginning all you have to do to collect logs is to cut down trees, pick them up, and then sell them to the sawmill. But then, once you’ve finished cutting the trees all over your map, your may soon find out that you no longer have trees to cut. Just like in real life, there must be a responsibility shared when cutting down trees--and that responsibility is best shared by choosing to replant the cut trees.

Cutting, Collecting, and Replanting

To do this, all you must do is purchase the FSI ST 65 T--which is a tree stump remover that will also be responsible for planting a new tree in place of the one that has just been cut. To use, drive up your tractor, with the FSI ST 65 T attachment, all the way to the tree stump. To begin replanting, simply press the Activate button for the tree stump to disappear and for a new one to be planted.

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