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Farming Simulator 16

Sowing Machines
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Sowing Machines

Once a land has been plowed successfully, planting seeds would be the next step. To do this, you will have to have the correct sow machines to plant the crop you want. Make sure to load up your sowing machines with enough seeds before embarking on a planting session.

Brand Name and Model: KUHN Sitera 3000
Buying Price: 19,000
Selling Price: 14,250
Capacity: 600
Harvest Range: 3
Crop Type: Wheat, Corn, Canola, and Sugarbeet

Brand Name and Model: VADERSTAD Rapid A 600S
Buying Price: 58,000
Selling Price: 43,500
Capacity: 4,000
Harvest Range: 6
Crop Type: Wheat, Corn, Canola, and Sugarbeet

Brand Name and Model: GRIMME GL 660
Buying Price: 56,000
Selling Price: 42,000
Capacity: 2,600
Harvest Range: 6
Crop Type: Potato

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