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Harvesters are your basic machines that will allow you to harvest different type of crops. You first begin with a basic combine harvesters which will allow you to harvest most of the crops (except sugarbeet, potato, and corn chaff).

To maximize efficient spending of money it is important to check out the type of crops each harvester and harvest header covers.


Brand Name and Model: SAMPO ROSENLEW Comia C6

Buying Price: 95,000

Selling Price: 71,250

Horse Power: 185

Maximum Speed: 15

Capacity: 4,200

Crop Type: Wheat, Corn, and Canola


Brand Name and Model: CASE Axial-Flow 7130

Buying Price: 242,000

Selling Price: 181,500

Horse Power:410

Maximum Speed: 20

Capacity: 10,500

Crop Type: Wheat, Corn, Canola


Brand Name and Model: New Holland CR10.90

Buying Price: 460,000

Selling Price: 345,000

Horse Power: 652

Maximum Speed: 25

Capacity: 14,500

Crop Type: Wheat, Corn, and Canola


Brand Name and Model: GRIMME Rootster 604

Buying Price: 88,000

Selling Price: 66,000

Capacity: 6,000

Harvest Range: 3

Crop Type: Sugarbeet


Brand Name and Model: GRIMME SE 260

Buying Price: 102,000

Selling Price: 76,500

Capacity: 9,000

Harvest Range: 3

Crop Type: Potato


Brand Name and Model: KRONE BiG X 1100

Buying Price: 415,000

Selling Price: 311,250

Horse Power: 1034

Maximum Speed: 35

Harvest Range: 10

Crop Type: Corn

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