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Forestry Basics

Forestry Basics
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Later in the game you will be given a chance to engage in forestry. But before that happens, you will have to have a lot of money set aside for the equipment needed in the process of forestry are extremely expensive--not to mention the continuous cost of maintaining the equipment.

Taking part in Forestry can definitely be rewarding. The map you will be provided with will be sprawling with trees which you can cut to sell Timber. There is of course a responsibility that comes with cutting the trees and that is the task of replacing the newly-cut tree with a new one.

The process of engaging in forestry involves three main process; a) cutting b) loading c)replanting. With those three steps, forestry also involves the use of three equipments in the game; a) Ponsse Scorpion King b) Ponsse Buffalo c) FSI ST 65 T .

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