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Farming Simulator 16 Guide

Tractors are one of the most important machines in the game as it allows you the ability to get to and from a certain destination and most especially attach different equipment to it.

In the beginning of the game, you will be given a basic tractor for your initial needs. Upgrading your tractor will reward you with a stronger and faster tractor.

Brand Name and Model: Hiirlimann H488
Price: 52,000
Selling Price: 39,000
Horse Power: 90
Maximum Speed: 30

Brand Name and Model: Steyr Multi 4115
Buying Price: 98,000
Selling Price: 73,500
Horse Power:114
Maximum Speed: 35

Brand Name and Model: SAME Fortis 190
Buying Price: 162,000
Selling Price: 121,500
Horse Power: 190
Maximum Speed: 40

Brand Name and Model: CASE Puma 160
Buying Price: 194,000
Selling Price: 145,500
Horse Power: 203
Maximum Speed: 45

Brand Name and Model: Lamborghini Mach 230 VRT
Buying Price: 245,000
Selling Price: 183,750
Horse Power: 220
Maximum Speed: 50

Brand Name and Model: New Holland T8.320
Buying Price: 310,000
Selling Price: 232,500
Horse Power: 320
Maximum Speed: 55

Brand Name and Model: CASE Magnum 380
Buying Price: 340,000
Selling Price: 255,000
Horse Power: 435
Maximum Speed: 55

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